Schumer-Pelosi scheme to steal the election

The Democrats are hellbent on stealing elections. The Governor of California is establishing an emergency polling place in a county that shows early mail-in ballots are favoring the Republican candidate. He’s doing this in order to stuff the ballot boxes with illegal votes from his army of illegals.

Pelosi and Schumer are planning to make mail in voting required because of the virus in order to stuff the ballot boxes with forged ballots that do not require a live person to show up at the polls.

Democrats are despicable swamp scum.

I am sure it will also make it easier for “dead people” to vote, too! :roll_eyes:
(of course, they will need some help with licking the stamp and envelope, as they “fraudly” mail in their votes.)

Why are you afraid of increased voter participation? No voting mechanism is perfect. I really like voting by mail. When looked at across a spectrum of issues accuracy, cost, voter participation, it seems that the Oregon model does very well across all areas of concerns. There is a paper ballot to track. There is no computer to hack. It is standardized across the state.

I have seen Republican candidates in Oregon run on a platform of opposing voting by mail. They don’t tend to do very well. Fact is, voting by mail just works.

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Mail-in ballots solve some problems and create others. One thing that is big that is lost is the privacy of the voting booth - there is a lot of room for abuse, since there is little to prevent you from showing your ballot to another party before sealing it. It wouldn’t even have to be under duress, or for pay. Maybe just trying to show family or church or friends that you belong, or maybe just submitting your own judgement to someone you think knows better. If your not familiar with e.g. the Southern Baptist policy that women submit to their husbands for guidance, you may not see that as an issue.

Remember those pictures of Trump leering over to see how Melania had voted?

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Ahh the old right wing conspiracy theory. I would like to see some proof please.

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That’s a loaded question. First you assume I’m afraid of increased voter participation. Then you insinuate that all mailed in ballots will be legitimate.

I favor ALL registered (and legal) voters participate. I do not favor disallowing polling places for those who want to vote in person on a voting machine.

Absentee ballots should be available upon request from registered voters. Absentee ballots can be mailed in individually by each voter. They should not be subject to “harvesting” and being handled in mass by selected workers who have possession of them anywhere other than election centers monitored by both parties.

There should be no absentee ballots sent out without the printed full name of a registered voter already filled in.

I prefer that ALL registered voters cast a legitimate vote. Voter “turnout” should be 100%


Oh, piss off! This has already been demonstrated. IIRC, one such recent dead voter was born in the 1800s.

There is a list…you may have to scroll down abit. But it’s there.

The only documented case of abusing absentee ballots in a voter fraud case was done by Republicans to benefit a Republican.

So does that prove a negative?..that no Democrat has ever abused absentee ballots?

Can you go through the list posted by @Ichigo_19 and tell me who is Republican and who is Democrat?

Don’t tell me you think these are undocumented cases.

In Detroit, there was 2,500 dead people (still) registered to vote! Go figure, that it would actually happen in a blue state such as in Michigan. Also Colorado was another state. Both in 2016.


Looks like another Brock tag team. Old vinegar, different bottle.

It will happen and everyone knows it will happen and NOBODY is going to stop it from happening !!!
If you haven’t seen the way these corrupt dems play ball by now , you have to live in a cave . Look at the treason trying to undo an election , how everyone in Trump’s circle were targeted , How they treated Brett during the hearings , The way the FBI ,IRS , and DOJ acted in the last 8 years .


Because they know that as the voting populace goes up, their chances go down. Republican victory depends upon diminished voter turn out. And they know this, and have declared so publicly.

From Reagan’s campaign advisor, Paul Weyrich:

  • “I don’t want everybody to vote. Elections are not won by a majority of the people. They never have been from the beginning of our country and they are not now. As a matter of fact, our leverage in the elections quite candidly goes up as the voting populace goes down.”[42][43]
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I would be afraid of increased participation if it will increase the voters fraud. Which in a lot of cases (such in Florida), there have been.

Nailed it. They are terrified of maximizing voter participation because if that happens then they are toast…and they know it.

That’s why Republicans have been peddling wild conspiracy theories about voting for decades. They have done a good job too as their minions mindlessly push it and vigorously defend it…despite having no basis in reality.

Yeah. Why is it ok for Trump to vote by mail and not you and I? :man_shrugging:

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I hadn’t seen this exchange! How stupid is this man and how could anyone take him seriously. Come on…

“No, mail ballots, they cheat,” said Trump. “OK, people cheat. Mail ballots are a very dangerous thing for this country because they are cheaters.”

I suppose mail-in voting is good enough for Trump but the rest of us are all liars and cheats…this coming from a failed businessman and known con artist.

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Correct if if I am wrong here:

I don’t think that Trump has any problems with the mail-in-voting. It’s when Newsom decides to keep beaches and restaurants (among other places) closed. But allows these voting booths open…doesn’t that say something? Especially, in Democratic areas?