Schoking Video!

Speaking for myself, I didn’t know before I read the OP. Are you setting yourself up as the forum censor then? I’ve never seen any evidence here of moderators, but presuming there are some then it’s for them to assess acceptiblity of posts, and castigate or otherwise censor contributions, don’t you agree?

No! I am not setting up to be a forum censor! FFS please read the context of the thread! My god!

I did read it, and it made me feel sick, but it was informative, and exemplifies the kind of things we’ll be up against. You seem to be saying that it should be hushed up?

No not saying it should be hushed, just presented In a way less graphic way. In other words we don’t need the visuals!

I don’t see how the incident could possibly have been reported without the ‘visuals’ (as you put it) without taking away the full horror of the atrocity itself? But I guess it’s subjective.

Text can justly put forth any visual without including photographs.

Why shouldn’t the evil piece of shit be identified - with a bit of luck, someone will recognise him from the pic and kill him.