Schiff Under Fire!

Ha Ha! Adam Shiff fell for a Russian prank, hook line and sinker stating he would be interested in nude photos of the president. What a hypocrite!


As you said, it was a prank phone call.

And therefore you completely miss the point! Your bias is trolling hard!

We are no longer surprised at the deceiver , liar , and the lack of character of pencil neck Adam Schiff .

Well, besides the fact that that proves nothing, are you suggesting that what Shiff said was wrong/illegal.

Hmm - Schiff is now saying he never talked to the whistleblower and had no knowledge of the complaint…meanwhile he said last week that he did. So which is it?

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Shifty Schiff is all over the map. Can’t keep his story straight to save his own ass. It’s as plain as day that he is making all this up. That became apparent when he shared a false version of events live on television!

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Schiff coordinated with the whistleblower in advance. That makes this a coup and anyone supporting the coup is a traitor.

So you don’t care that Adam Schiff was communicating with people that he believed to be Ukrainian government officials in order to get compromising information so that he could blackmail the president.

In your world that’s totally fine. :ok_hand:

We have a whistleblower, and a IG and DNI that have stated that the whistleblower did the right thing. The IG, Trump’s pic, has publicly corrected Trump pointing out that the whistleblower has first hand knowledge.

I don’t know that he was, first of all. But more importantly, he’s on a committee that investigates wrong doing, crime and corruption. If he receives implicating information on someone and it’s used to prosecute, that’s not black mail.

Wrong, the whistleblower contacted committee aides for guidance on how to report. Trump’s IG and DNI both have stated that the whistleblower did everything correct the way that it should be done. I’d say it’s a good thing that he checked first, we know y’all would be bitching about it had he done it incorrectly.

I know. I know. You need to defend the most conservative Jesus loving President since Reagan from us evil libtards. You will have egg all over your face very soon.


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So? What does this say about the level of lunacy you are so willingly want to display here? Plagiarizing other people’s memes doesn’t make you look any smarter, if anything it just exposes more of your ignorance and proves how intolerant and hypocritical you leftists are. When you got nothing in the way of intelligent discourse even with the people you may disagree with go off the rails! Get a clean wet cloth and wipe your face, because you are the one with egg on it!