Scenes From my Old Back Yard! 🐎

I miss the snow and can’t wait to return to what I consider the old country! Ha!


My mom spent much of her child hood in Buffalo SD, in the late 20’s and the 30’s going back and forth to Wisconsin. Her dad worked on the train his whole life…other relatives moved to Butte.

One of my great grandmothers taught her whole life, at the One-Room Schoolhouse in Buffalo and “The Indian School” She owned a dairy farm in Buffalo

Yep! I know Buffalo, SD very well. Irony for me, I spent a year in Buffalo, New York doing research for a New York law firm. Red Lodge is where I spent a lot of time with my Uncle and driving the Beartooth and staying in Red Lodge!

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Makes me want to buy a Ford F250 when I get back!

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It’s funny I’ve been on all those highways, but never in that kind of snow.

I will tell you one story.

I have traveled quite a bit throughout the US continental roughly for a period of 6 years. In January of 2002, I was driving up from Texas and going to Utah. The famous pass, Imogene.

I had a friend with me and it was snowing like crazy that started well into our ascent in the San juan Mountains. I was driving a 1985 Landcruiser and visabilty was only a few feet. We began following a snow plow truck because the roads were so covered it would not have matter what kind f tires I had, and the steep drop off was treacherous which made driving extreme slow and stressful. After finally going through the most dangerous part of the pass, we finally arrived in Ouray, CO right around 1:30 am. As I was driving in to town, right down main street. The streets were lit with old lamp posts that one would come to expect in a Norman Rockwell paintng, or a post card or something. The snow was glistening, sparkling from the street lights. The snow was also untouched, uncorrupted by other previous drivers tire tracks. Just before us, was a male Elk crossing the street, and there for me at least this moment froze forever in time, burned in memory as truly a magical moment. It was peaceful, and was this memory I always recall in order to think about good things!


ford 250

With the Turbo Diesal before special equipment

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That is weird! I think we are connected my friend! Something along the string of incarnated lives we must have crossed paths at some point. The color of the truck is something I always imagined, along with a dog named Daisy. :rofl:

The Manitou was upon you.

I like these weird things

and these weird things

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Ha ha ha! I think I was spared that torture!

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Is that a Afghan? Or a Irish Wolf Hound?

Russian Wolfhound

a Borzoi

Trained to hunt Wolves

Can be faster than Greyhounds.

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It was one of those, “the book was pretty good, but the movie was terrible/ridiculous,” but today, looks hilarious.

Kind of reminds me of that movie “the thing”, where a group of scientists where in the Anartic. God! I hated that movie!

At first glance I thought Afghan, but I remember their tails are too curled. It does have sort of a greyhounds head.

Yesterday in Cheyenne

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There was another Native American/Ecology themed horror movie in 1979 called Prophecy, which is really like The Thing. I see that full movie is free on Youtube. That was first one I thought of reading your Elk story because the creature was a composite of a bunch of animals and I had read that book too and think there an Elk involved. I think both had an Elk.

This one has to be “Watch on Youtube”

Two dead lumberjacks

At least this one had a real Native American actor, a very old guy.

Borzoi come in different colors. Males can be very big. Mostly barkless. Very cat-like personality. Very independent.


List of sighthound breeds[edit]