SB54-California Sanctuary law

Exactly as predicted CA’s sanctuary law is leading to more crime and in this case 2 murders.

A California sheriff whose officers were led on a wild chase earlier this week by a twice-deported illegal immigrant killer says cops are “very frustrated” with sanctuary state laws preventing them from working with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agents.

The comments from Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux come following the death of Gustavo Garcia, a 36-year-old who police say embarked on a ‘reign of terror’ robbing a convenience store, shooting and killing a person and firing at buildings before crashing a truck that he had stolen. The day-long crime spree that began Sunday in the Fresno area also left five injured, including one critical, and Lindsay Police suspect Garcia was involved in an additional murder there.

During the chase Monday that ended in the crash that left Garcia dead, he drove the wrong way at speeds of up to 100 mph and hit four other cars – something that he appeared to have done on purpose, police said.

“We are very frustrated with the fact that the way the laws are set up currently that law enforcement hands are tied,” Boudreaux said Wednesday, noting that in years past, Garcia – who had been in police custody shortly before the rampage – would have been handed over to ICE in cooperation with them.

The immigration agency says it placed a detainer on Garcia last week after he was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of being under the influence of a controlled substance. But Boudreaux said he had no choice but to let Garcia go since state law prohibits him from honoring that request unless ICE obtains an arrest warrant with the signature of a federal judge.

“Gustavo Garcia in times past would have been turned over to ICE officials. Even though it was a misdemeanor charge, they placed a detainer on him. That detainer can no longer be recognized,” Boudreaux said.

“That’s how we did it in the past and that’s how we had always done it. And now, that tool has been taken from law enforcement,” Boudreaux continued. “After [the passage of] SB-54 we no longer have that power.

“That tool has been removed from our hands and because of that our county was shot up by a violent criminal that could have easily been prevented had we had the opportunity to reach out to our fellow counterparts,” he added.

For some reason he wasn’t even being held on felony evading much less the two murders, just minor traffic violations so the prosecutor has some questions to answer as well.

Under the law because he wasn’t being held on felony charges the Sheriff was legally prohibited from honoring the ICE detainer.

I feel sorry for the friends and families of the victims but as for CA in general not in the least, this is what you wanted.

Maybe when you’ve scraped up enough bodies of your friends and families you’ll rethink your choices.


You have to remember the people elect these people that pass the sanctuary laws. The people of California continue to elect more and ore progressive representatives and this is the result. Where’s the out rage from all the victims in California???

When will this nonsense stop ? It is a crime to hide illegals but CA feels they can pick and choose the laws they will follow . It’s time the Feds step in !!!

Decades of Dem. ruination have created a state that attracts the mosquitoes of humanity to the yellow porchlight of freebies. If it weren’t for the weather, CA would have 4 million people instead of 40 million. Not all Democrats are parasites, but all parasites vote Democrat.


It’s there and it’s real, the media just doesn’t care to share their stories.

But people still re-elect the same people who pass sanctuary laws.

That would be due to the fact those people are in the majority and encourage it.

Well California is ranked umber 1 in least educated state out of 50…but who I’m I to complain.

At least I’m smart enough not to live there. :rofl:

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Highest number in poverty as well which goes hand in hand or in the case of CA , hands out for a Handout.

Well, since “most” illegals are not hardened criminals, our Liberals feel this is well worth the risk: [

Suspect in killing of California officer in U.S. illegally, sheriff says as …

15 hours ago - The suspected gunman sought in the killing of a California police officer is an immigrant living in the country illegally -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All about odds, not about the victims or the victims families having their lives destroyed. I mean, millions of illegals in our country, but a mere few thousand American citizens murdered. I ask forum members, what is the acceptable number of Americans who must die at the hands of illegals before action is taken ( with a vengeance ) ? Gotta be a number. So far the 1,000s who have died do not seem to be a high enough number. ANYONE HAVE A NUMBER?

Because these people don’t think bad things can happen to them. Until it does.

I wonder how many who’ve been victimized by illegal aliens used to be in favor of sanctuary laws.

If this now murderer had just been successfully arrested by the officer on his second DWI CA’s sanctuary law would have forbidden CA LEO’s from contacting ICE so that he could again be deported.

Probably quite a few. I can’t remember who but someone once said, “A conservative is just a former liberal who’s had a dose of reality”.

And people rarely think about illegals killing Americans until someone you know is killed by an illegal.

That would be due to the fact that the press has rarely made any issue of it.

You are correct. A person I knew well from work was killed by an illegal while he was hunting. The illegal shot through bushes without seeing what he was shooting at, just heard a noice. The illegal fled the country. The coverage my the media was sparse at best.

The first big case I can remember getting notoriety was during the Bush Administration. The illegal had gotten the death penalty and filed appeals one after another.

The Mexican Gov’t got involved and it became a big international incident.

Here’s the kicker, he’d been living in the US for decades as a citizen on forged documents.

The outcry in the media had nothing to do with him being an illegal that should have been deported prior, it was about how terrible it was that we were executing a Mexican Citizen.