Saturday July 4th is Police Strike Day!

Who can forget Baton Rouge and Dallas as attacks by BLM? IMO that is when it all started and that is when Obozo the Marxist POS that he is put a target on the backs of LEO’s. So no one should blame them for staging and holding this event, it’s what the outrageous current Cultural Marxist BLM has created.

This year July 4th falls on a Saturday.

According to two media outlets (NY post) and (Fox) at 3:00pm on July 4th the New York Police Dept. will cease their work shifts in a display of protest against the constant attacks against them by politicians and activists. Honestly, who can blame them?

National protests against police and law enforcement, primarily driven by the false Marxist ideology of Black Lives Matter, have become outrageous in the extreme. The announcement in Atlanta by the Fulton County district attorney Paul Howard to charge a police officer with felony murder could be, and arguably should be, the final straw.
“Police officers like you and me took an oath to protect strangers regardless of race, class or gender,” states one of the fliers. “Today we are vilified and must stand as one. Enclosed are instructions on how we will get our point across that we are necessary and must be valued.”
The message, which was sent out Thursday morning, also describes how an officer should go about taking a sick day on July 4, 2020 – “the date that we will make our voices heard.”

Independence day seems like just as good a day as any other for police around the entire nation to take a knee and let everyone see what 48 hours without law enforcement would actually look like. Perhaps a dramatic action is warranted/needed to wake people up to the political agenda and scam behind the “defund the police” movement. Perhaps July 4th could become the day when people start defending the police.


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The police should take a wk off across the nation to show what the real America is like in the cities.


I want to see it! I am sure cities will burn as they already have.

Isn’t this what they want? Let them have no police on the craziest American holiday of the year. What could possibly go wrong?

We are hearing this might be the 911 kick off… We are already under invisible 911 remember when we los our rights. now another disaster must take place in order to strip us from the rest. The ppl must be feared into giving it up that’s how they did it all with 911 now that we are fighting bk it needs to be scary enough that even those who doubted will now flee right into the FEDS arms.


Yep these rejects have to live the chit before they believe anything. The dunce are pretty low on the common sense chart. :+1:

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Now just why would you want to see US cities burn? Are you a pyromaniac? Would you like to see your workplace burn? Do you approve of looting retail businesses and breaking all of their windows?

I want to see the cops protest to prove that they will be missed. Of course I don’t want to see cities burn, but no cops burn they will. Look at the bright side now is your chance to shoot a few liberal looters and take some target practice.

Then why did you post that you did want to see it…(followed immediately by)…I am sure cities will burn as they already have.?

BTW, the NYPD has denied the rumor that police are orchestrating a strike on the 4th.

Read what I said. Surely you can tell what is an off the cuff remark said in jest. Why are you making big a stink about it? WTF cares?

As far as the NYPD strike not being true, maybe, maybe not, I Guess we will have to wait and see.

Jest is often difficult to discern in typed words…thus easier to walk back when criticized.

This truism applies to every coming event outside of our control.

I am not walking back anything other than you trying to arbitrarily assign a different connotation to what I said. I made myself clear and if you are not satisfied with that, that is on you not me!

It’s okay to be wrong. I am daily.

Disband police.
Disband undercover anticrime
Remove overtime pay

Welcome to NY :rofl:


We don’t need police . :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I don’t want to see harm come to innocent people but what option did the police have? They need to make a stand. Let people experience what life would be like if the police weren’t there protecting the public.

Expect more of this without police. Someone picked the wrong neighborhood.


BROKE: “Fuck the police!”

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