Sanctions on countries dealing with Iran

I think that Donald Trump has been the best president within several decades. Even so, however, he is not perfect. (Well, who is?)

I am especially troubled by the sanctions he has placed upon countries doing business with Iran.

More precisely, it is not the sanctions per se that trouble me. Rather, it is the exceptions.

I have just learned that eight countries–eight!–are excepted from these sanctions. These countries include a major enemy (China); an ally (South Korea); and a country that falls somewhere in between (India).

This is simply wrong!

Six senators–including Donald Trump’s erstwhile challenger for the 2016 Republican nomination, Ted Cruz (of Texas)–have sent a letter of complaint to the White House.

And I thoroughly agree with Cruz et al.


Iran hates Israel and Zion Don puts Israel ahead of America. It’s not hard to see why he makes these decisions. Ivanka and Jared push it. He obliges. End of story.

For openers, it is very difficult to take seriously anyone who substitutes smear terms (e.g. “Zion Don”) for the correct term (which is to say, President Trump). (But some people are evidently so overcome with vitriol for this president that they simply cannot phrase things in a normal manner.)

In any case, however, you have failed to answer the question, viz.: Why would the president exempt eight countries from these sanctions?

In response, it is very difficult to take seriously anyone who doesn’t recognize that President Trump puts Israel over America. I voted for President Trump and will call him Zion Don whenever I choose. He is not immune from criticism simply because I voted for him, quite the contrary actually.

Because doing so is favorible towards Israel. I already answered your question.

(1) You have offered no evidence that President Trump “puts Israel over America”–just your ipse dixit.

And smear words are not tantamount to thoughtful “criticism.” (You really should learn the difference.)

(2) I am really unsure just why it might be “favorable to Israel” to exempt China, India, and South Korea–among other nations–from these sanctions.

Would you elucidate, please?

Well that being said, the scrutiny is deserved, however, Kushner has been working on a major deal involving a peace deal between the Palestinians and Israel so maybe this has something to do with that. The other thing to consider, is that its easy to criticize Trump’s decisions in regards to the exceptions on this issue with Iran sanctions, and I for one totally agree that no one should be exempt from observing the sanctions, however I also think that the peace deal with NK and trade negotiations with China is being carefully balanced with timing and PR moves to keep everyone distracted from the main objectives at least for now. Funny how they just announced that they will be punishing CUBA? Their focus is our own back yard in places like Venezuela, Ecuador, Central America where Chinese have been seeking to get a foothold in. Just remember, China gets 60% of their Oil from Iran, so how will it go over if Trump demands China stop importing oil from Iran and what kind of ramifications that would have on China’s economy? IMO its all part of a larger strategy to chase out China from the America’s once Venezuela’s dictator Maduro is removed from power.

This is a very thoughtful response.

However, I would just add that I am fully onboard with our doing all we possibly can to destabilize China’s economy. (Then-President Nixon’s crusade to “normalize” relations with China has proved to be a disaster, I believe. They are our enemy–and ought to be treated as such.)

I learned tonight, on the news, that the exceptions that I noted in the OP are about to expire; and that they shall not be renewed.

(By the way, three of the eight countries–Greece, Italy, and Japan–have already eliminated all dealings with Iran, as concerning oil supplies. That leaves the three countries previously mentioned, plus Japan and Turkey.)