Sánchez, Castro Push Legislation to Prevent Naming Things After Trump

The only reason I can think of is hatred towards Mr. Trump. President Nixon was not grilled as hard as leftist America has grilled Mr. Trump!

Trump isn’t worthy of anything being named after him except maybe the capital loo…

What morons as it that stops anything forever.

The next GOP government could easily change their law.

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You had your 15 minutes in the sun…trumputin will be known for what he was by far the
worst president in the history of the USA… the fascist that pretended to do things for the
population all the while he was funneling TRILLIONS and TRILLIONS$$$ to the rich and
the big corporations and dumping the price tag for it in the taxpayers pocket…


I assume this doesn’t apply to Federal Bidgs named after former Klan members( Robert Byrd) and others. This fits the Commiecrats Narrative.

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Among others, USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74)

The greatest president in the history of America… so many schools and streets, and monuments… we will always remember the great Trump

“President Trump incited an insurrection that damaged some our nation’s most significant and sacred federal property

Most sacred, ROTFLMAO.

The Commiecrats are so pious, they don’t want to remember Sen. STROM THURMOND running for president as a DIXIE CRAT. How mwny bldgs in S.C. have his name on them.