San Francisco Backs Down from NRA

Consider this a victory against the cultural Marxists gun grabbers!

So this is a bit like saying we won the battle but lost the war. California has steadily eroded gun rights over the years and the NRA hasn’t done much to stop it.

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Not necessarily in terms of your analogy of winning battles and wars! This was a huge win in terms of this city council was trying to do! Trying to label the NRA as a terrorist organisation! Are you kidding me? This was something they knew they couldn’t win!

Don’t disagree - but they won the right not to be called a name. The designation would have been utterly meaningless.

The NRA has consistently lost against California gun grabbers and that’s a fact.


There will be no victory until CA, NY, NJ, and the rest of the country recognizes the 2nd Amendment as the supreme law of the land and removes the barriers to Constitutional Carry for all HONEST and law-abiding citizens.