Same-Sex Marriage Rights Bill Clears a Crucial Senate Hurdle

The US has now finally transformed into a homosexual loving country!

I read about this yesterday, and this is very troubling on many fronts.

1.Many Senate republicans are supporting this bill, particular from the usual suspects AKA RINOS.

2.This is going to give the “Alphabet Mafia” free carte blanche license to promulgate the Christian church or Christianity in general.

3.Conservatism will be dead if they are not able to defeat this bill. Why do we vote for Republicans if they are not going to defend the beliefs of their constituents?
(See why Republican Party is dead!)

It will be interesting to see if they decide to wait until the new congress is sworn in or if they will try to ram this through before Jan 2023. Either way this is extremely troubling that it lends to the foretold warning to giving impetus that Christians will be persecuted and this Bill if passed will give that green light!

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Republicans who support gay marriage certainly aren’t real Republicans. The Republican Party has long been opposed to gay marriage, with a majority of Republicans supporting a constitutional amendment to ban it. Republicans who now support gay marriage are simply flip-floppers. Supporting gay marriage is hardly a conservative position. In fact, it’s downright liberal. So if these supposed Republicans are really supporting gay marriage, then they’re not really Republicans at all - they’re just liberals pretending to be something they’re not.


I’m not one to give a damn about another’s personal choices. However, homosexuality is biblically wrong. I will continue follow the Bible… so, I do not advocate for same sex marriage.

The problem is if this bill is allowed to be pushed through, the Alphabet people will be able to sue Christians and conservatives. In other words its no coincidence that along with this bill that they are trying to push through to make law that they are also trying to go after gun rights as well. If people are not seeing what the bigger play here is then they are not paying attention. This bill is a much bigger issue than most people are aware of.

Elected Republicans are cucks. The gay “rights” movement has been working hard to normalize their lifestyle choices. And what better way to do that than by getting gay marriage passed into law? By making gay marriage the law of the land, they are effectively saying that gay butt sex and the gay lifestyle is just as acceptable as heterosexual sex and relationships, which couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s degenerate and an abomination that should not be normalized.

there are many things wrong with the bible.

Don’t turn this thread into another religious bitchfest of yours. This is about a Same sex marriage bill that will have far reaching consequences beyond religion!


For you there is. For me, not so much. I’m not going there with you or anyone else that wants to argue about it. Believe what you like… I’ll do the same. No need to bother replying… I’m out.

Strange that Mormons condemn homosexuality but support Federal laws advocating same sex marriage.

Why does the Mormon Church condemn homosexuality but support the Respect for Marriage Act? (

This is very strange and something very nefariously strange is going on with this issue. Why are 12 GOP members betraying their constituents?

The gay marriage vote is today! Will be interesting to see how this turns out.

I fully expect Republican traitors in the Senate to support this bill along with their groomer Democrat colleagues.

And its exactly what they did. Where is the outrage? People are too afraid to stand up for what they believe in so now we get a bill that gives power to the Alphabet people to go after conservatives and Christians. If this passes the house of course and officially becomes law I will remember the 12 Republicans who voted for this!

I do not understand why the US government is infatuate with homosexuals.