Samantha Power is in Hungary Trying to Topple Viktor Orban

Samantha Power is in Hungary setting up the mechanisms to overthrow Viktor Orban—“Pro-democracy Non-Government Organizations” which are actually CIA contractors to recruit agent provocateurs.

It doesn’t matter that Hungary is an EU member state and a NATO ally, all that matters is Orban is not going along with the WEF and opening his borders to mass third world migration.

Soon there’ll be riots in Budapest.

CBS has a documentary on how republicans are nazis because they invite Victor to speak at their events.

Journalism is dead

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Orban is an asshat and this type of work is nothing new.

Over the decades, Pro-Democracy Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) have earned an invaluable reputation for pioneering movements that successfully oppose and overthrow oppressive tyrannical rule all over the world. Without their efforts to spread awareness about social justice issues, human rights and ultimately, democracy, there would be thousands - maybe even millions - of people still living under regimes hostile to both their will and wellbeing. To date many despicable dictators have been shown the door thanks to the tireless efforts of oft-misunderstood yet courageous activist groups, who are willing to put it all on the line for a better world.

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Looks like he’s doing a good job to me

I seem to recall CPAC and Matt Schlapp hosting Viktor Orban who proceeded to spread his fascist message while getting standing ovations for attacking the LGBTQ community and spreading racist and anti-Semitic rhetoric.

It demonstrated to all who were watching that it was White Nationalism and anti-miscegenation that brought these people to their feet – all of whom are considered mainstream and highly influential in Republican politics.

This shit’s gotta be stopped. Glad to see Ambassador Power is on the job!

Right. So, you want a US government backed color revolution in Hungary, designed to topple an elected leader in a sovereign European country, because you don’t like his politics. How progressive.


LGBTQ I believe is attacking our rooted culture and heritage and want to groom children. About time someone steps up. And stop calling everyone a racist lol it’s old and proven false over and over again

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In 2014, Orban made a speech in his own country of Hungary in which he said that China and Russia should be the new model for governance, not the USA.

America has democrat run cities more dangerous than war zones. I think he’s right

Hungary is already a democracy, and that democracy chose not to be another overpopulation depository for India, Africa, and the Middle East.

That’s why globalists want to overthrow their government and force a new one. There can be no ethnic white homelands.

Oh, so you’re afraid of whites becoming a minority? Why? Are minorities treated as second class citizens or something?

China is Chinese, Japan is Japanese, Africa is black, America, and Europe, are white. Very sacred culture heritage must be protected.

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Globally, whites have always been the minority. This is about whites becoming the minority in their own countries.


Do you have any contingency plans for growing your own food? Just wondering how prepared you are?

Again here you are without dabate! Why? Because self affirmation is hearing yourself talk to convince yourself that traditional society is tyrannical rule. Who is the a$$hat again?

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“The US Government is committing $20 million dollars to bolster civil society”

Funny, I don’t recall any of my elected representatives voting for this. Although, it is refreshing to see how blatantly transparent they are in their attempts to overthrow a democratically elected leader in an EU country.

Orban should have diplomatically expelled her ass immediately and blocked the funding of these organizations from taking money from the US government.

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He already kicked out Soros, and most of the NGO’s. Give it some time and and I think she will unceremoniously see some hurt with a ugly stick that she was beaten by before.

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