Sainthood for George Floyd

Now since the religion of peace has declared George Floyd a saint, I feel assured it is only a matter of time that the Catholic Church will also leap frog canonisation procedure and fast track his Christian Sainthood!

Meh, who cares. :woman_shrugging:

Edit to add:

The guy was a dirt bag and his family is profiting from the fame and money pouring in.

I’m sure they are happy campers right now.


Oh for pete’s sake. More likely, the current commie pope, will be ousted, before that would happen.

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And the faithful thought the very same about the church accepting gay marriage . :roll_eyes:

Oh Lord, another new religion, The Floydians. No communion, just hand out the meth & fentanyl.

I read recently that baptisms are taking place at the scene of his arrest. This “revolution” has all the trappings of a fanatical religious cult.

I hear the Jonestown complex in South America is up for grabs.