Ruth Bader Ginsburg Will Retire from the US Supreme Court in January 2019



That too. Trump has replaced a swing vote with a soft swing vote.


Should have picked Kethledge.


I prefer him to what Hillary would have picked. Let’s be honest though, if they vote 100% of the time with Republican politicians, they’re probably wrong on occasion.


That would be good for the country.


Yeah. But we must hold onto the senate. I was somewhat disappointed that we didn’t pick up couple more seats the last go around.

2020 isn’t very favorable for repugs.


Who you lie to the base as the republicans have done in the house and senate it’s no wonder people walk away and just don’t vote.


I’ve always thought differently. 2020 is the exact election where we want more Republican seats up. Had they been available this time around, we would have been screwed. 2018 was the best time for us to have a low number of seats up. Had Hillary won, it would have been a blood bath with Republicans winning a super majority. IMO of course. :wink:


You most certainly can’t. :rofl:


They are supposed to vote in accordance with the Constitution regardless of which party wants what.


LOL, like that really happens as I remember the vote on the ACA so well.


that was when I lost all faith with SCOTUS.


That recent?

Helvering v. Davis -1937

Wickard v. Filburn - 1942

Chevron U.S.A., Inc. v. Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc - 1984

Jones v. Alfred H. Mayer Co. / Runyon v. McCrary
1968 / 1976

Just to name a few.


OK I stand corrected…at least in recent time.



You just got a little lazy. I put Heller and McDonald on that list as well.

@TWR might tell us why.


I agree. I’ll admit that there are probably times when the Conservative minded justices vote by what Republicans want rather than what a strict interpretation of the Constitution says. Of course, it’s no where NEAR what the left leaning ones do but our guys aren’t perfect.

Interesting subject though… wonder if anyone has a good list of rulings that go Republican -vs- Constitution by judges. There are often times when I wonder how some things make it through the SC… such as drug laws. Not sure where the Constitution gives the government permission to regulate what we do when it’s not directly infringing on the rights of another individual.


“Reasonable Restrictions” was enough to do it for me.


Among other things…


And if necessary, from the morgue. :wink:


Heck, MY head would explode. :wink:


If she died it would be a month or two before anyone noticed as long as the court wasn’t in session.