Ruth Bader Ginsburg - Dead at 87

100 percent confirmed

Great news, this election might go down to the Supreme Court where every vote matters, one less fanatical Liberal might prevent Robert’s cuckery…


Get your popcorn is right!

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dead at 87 of Cancer

Burn in hell you baby killing bitch!


Very interesting times ahead of us. Enjoy the ride folks. This is it.

The joke in the old OP…i was there before seeing the date before realizing it was old, I was saying to myself, “that’s really mean spirited”

It was funny then, today it’s not funny.

Very interesting times is an understatement.


All Hail Moloch.
Moloch receives his daughter the Succubus

What happened to Kavanaugh wasn’t funny either but the Democrats wasted no time with tearing him apart and having their fun with that mess. I say…screw RBG. Good riddance.

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She’s been dead for months. This was opportunism.

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Suspend the filibuster, one week of hearing, confirm one of these folks to the Supreme Court, and Mitch McConnell will go down in history as an American Hero!!

Nine days ago:

Ted Cruz for SCOTUS

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She made the decision to die on the bench. That was her decision.


Now the filthy diseased cunt will burn in Hell. That was also her decision

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Bring on the Milf of Justice


You are getting old when you want to fuck SCOTUS judges

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The comments under the Breitbart article are heeeelarious

They are going to go ape shit. They are going to literally steal the election from Trump and I hope Trump declares martial law

Mommy gib milkies​:milk_glass::milk_glass::milk_glass:

First Good News of 2020!

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