Ruth Bader Ginsburg - Dead at 85


I agree, this is a tasteless thread.

Your comment about ‘not having anything good to say’ about ginsberg caught my eye.

I always find it curious that people hate on judges. Judges are expected to interpret the law to the bet of their ability. That some do so with a left, right, center, sideways bent…well, that is just how their mind works - it is the result of their individual thought process. So to hate on the person just seems so strange. Disagree with their decisions? Their thought process? sure. But it doesn’t make them a lesser person for interpreting the law different from you or I.


Well except for the fact that they’re supposed to interpret the law based on the actual law, not their personal political leanings. It is after all why they spend years and years going to (get this) law school.


Right. And they do. And then people complain because their interpretations don’t match our expectations or politics.


What they don’t realize some of us have friends, family that may follow us on this forum. And we don’t really want to be associated with certain group that lays, waits in dark alleys of the internet.

Now having said that I think the best way to handle them is to confront em when they pop their ugly heads in.

Now that’s just me of course.

Libs will say see…conservatives are racist and bigots while ignoring those that stood against em.

Meanwhile libs will remain silence on their own racism and bigotry that on full display.


You agree it is a tasteless thread but promote it by posting in it…


Why is this a liberal vs. conservative issue?


As do you. Unless of course you don’t find this thread tasteless.

And what do you mean ‘promote’? Is there a ratings war going on between threads?


Oh give me a break - every single serious conservative is waiting on her to drop. Don’t act like that isn’t true.


Did my comment offended you lib?

Until I see libs holding themselves to same standards that they expect from others…I’m going to continue calling em out.

Is that a problem?


I’m afraid that doesn’t answer the question.

What does this tasteless thread have to do with conservatives and liberals?

And you post raised new questions.

Why are you calling me lib? What are you calling me out for?


Oh the games we play…holding others to standards that libs refuse to hold for themselves.


I’m afraid you still haven’t answered any of my questions. And you keep creating more!

What standard are lies not holding themselves to?


Have fun playing with yourself…not going down this road again with your kin.


My kin? Who is my kin?

And so, you don’t really engage in conversation, is that right? Noted.


I think you missed the point of my post. See post 87 as well.


and your point is what?


For those libs that are outraged…lets not forget the glee that your side had shown in passing of Antonin Scalia.

I sure as hell didn’t forget.


No, justices are supposed to apply the constitution as per the original meaning and intent, not insert their own personal beliefs and politics into their decisions.


Someone in the booth screwed the pooch. Every network obviously has similar pieces ready to roll at a moment’s notice.


But, but … that’s different! :astonished: