Russian vaccines are much safer (than American vaccines which are designed to kill you)

I agree with Mike Adams.
If push comes to shove, get the Russian vaccine.

NEVER the Bill Gates vaccine.

At about 1:00:00

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Why get a vaccine at all if you never were sick to begin with? Because of forced compliance? Fk that! I am forging my documents by paying my little friends!

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Don’t get vaccinated. That’s the bottom line.

In case your work requires or you need to travel overseas…

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Yeah pretty bizarre that they are trying to force people to take a vaccine as a condition to having your civil liberties infringed upon.

Funny that trump still gets no credit from his Trumpers for HIS operation warp speed vaccines…


You won’t have to worry when you die you don’t have anyone that will give a fuk
and you don’t have anything worth anything that anyone wants…so who cares
about you… answer NO ONE

You are so fukin stupid…it defies even the most stupid people…
Does anyone type for you…

I can’t wait you get Bill Gates murder vaccine.
Or maybe Joos don’t kill other Joos.

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You shut your mouth :shushing_face:

Russian vaccines are safer than Trump’s vaccines….:flushed:

That’s hilarious….

I don’t suppose you could explain why trump was promoting agenda 21’s goal of reducing global population by 90%……:joy::joy::joy::joy:

You don’t know what you’re getting, really.

This funeral home director from England, John O’Looney says (from his experience) that 80% of vaccines are harmless placebo, 10% poison meant to kill and 10% meant to injure people.

The 80% of the vaxxed will say: “I got vaxxed and I have no problem with my health,” thus promoting more vax.

However, their luck won’t last forever because these 80% will get second, third, fourth doses (boosters) and eventually the bullet in the Russian roulette will get them.

Trumps vaccines are safe, he said so, he took it and said you should too…:blush:

“The Trump vaccine” actually is hydroxychloroquine.

He was inaugurated as commander-in-chief on 3-11

No he wasn’t, he’s still just a one term looser….