Russian Presidential elections that end on Sunday

Putin is expected to win over other 3 canditates.
But remember, Putin is the most moderate one when it comes to the war in Ukrainee.

Does anyone have any doubt who will win?

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Very interested to know the percentages in the four new regions (of former Ukraine) and Crimea.

Votes are on paper and hand-counted.

This election is about as fair as Bidens win!!!

Yeah ok Mr. propagandist!

Your mouth is the cock holster of Western Proganda MSM!

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Got the love the predictable Western media headlines.

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Navalny would have gotten less than 2% of votes if he was lucky.
He was a CIA implant and contributed nothing to Russia.

Let’s hold an election in Ukraine now and see how many votes Zelensky will get.

Oh, is it banned? I wonder why.
Could it be that he is a CIA implant as well?
Or maybe a Zionist implant?

“Sham victory”?
So the Joo media is admitting Putin won. LOL

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I know! Got to love the double standard being applied to such gaslighting narratives here!

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Western institutions were right in predicting the result, and yet the western media is calling the elections a sham.

Can anyone explain?

Did you send your mail in ballot to Russia voting for RASPUTURDS election.

That election was as crooked as our 2020 election. The difference is… Putin doesn’t care what anyone thinks about it. Oh… wait…

Is Putin a Democrat? :rofl:

At least someone agrees with me on this.

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Nearly everyone must like RASPUTRID as he received about 88% of the vote.What a great job he is doing. 6 more yrs!!!

Russia’s elections are as fair as our’s. :roll_eyes:


That’s true to a point but, we also have rigged elections and every conceivable form of cheating going on with our elections. Joe got 81 million votes… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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