Russian pilot evades two heat seeking missiles

I have absolutely no idea how this works, but the pilot somehow outmaneuvered the missiles.

Time and place unknown.


Gotta be a tranny pilot I hear they are the best

Chafe and flares. Russian pilots are extremely skilled at what they do so this does not surprise me.


Now, US intelligence officials have learned that the ballistic missiles fired by Russia into Ukraine have decoys that can evade air-defense radars and trick heat-seeking missiles.
“Each is packed with electronics and produces radio signals to jam or spoof enemy radars attempting to locate the Iskander-M, and contains a heat source to attract incoming missiles,” a US official told NYT.

These dart-shaped white-colored decoys are about a foot long each, with an orange tail. American sleuths are of the view that the Iskander-Ms fired from mobile launchers across the border release these decoys when they sense that they have been targeted by the Ukrainian air defenses.

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