Russian government resigns

Well this is a bit bizarre…:thinking:

The longer Russia stays wild, the longer diversity will avoid it. Experience taught us that having diversity in your country is worse than living in a war zone.

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I know zero about Russian politics and statecraft, Vlad is an enigma to me yet I kinda like the guy. As a dunce on the outside the optics are well, not good, the Russian haters will have fun with this. Hey Donald are you and your National Security Boys giving this some consideration, taking a few notes from the Vladinator? Nah, go play some golf, orange guy. As for gubberments, the founding Masonic Fathers (who were the oligarchs and wealthiest in the Colonies) had a few good ideas, no property no vote, blacks no vote, females no vote but in the end all gubberments tax and spend and corrupt themselves into the dust bin of history.

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And to the entire Russian government quiting???

Putin should just make himself Czar and call it good.

Medvedev is a constitutionalist of sorts, and I’m sure he will be back in one capacity or another.

Any politician, no matter how popular at one point, will lose his or her charm and people get bored. One political fact Gaddafi failed to understand.

So it appears to me that the whole ploy is to avoid this loss of popularity and let the population vote on the position of Putin, who by the way is not the same man as the former KGB agent.

Considering that Obama and Hillary were the ones that took him out I don’t know if that is such a great example.

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No. I just mentioned the fact that Gaddafi was enormously popular among the Libyans after the coup.
The mistake he made was that he thought he would always be popular.

Putin and gang are smarter than that.

I asked a few people in Russia “What do you think of Putin?” and one taxi driver said: I don’t like him particularly, but what he did for Russia was good for the country. That sums it up.

Russia is the only sane country on the planet.

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