Rump's probable ideal criteria for a 2024 running mate:

  1. A woman (i.e., an adult born female human being). Trump significantly under performed with female voters in 2016, when only 41% voted for him, and only 42% did the same in 2020. He has substantial weakness with white suburban women, single women, young women, and swing-voter women.
  2. Middle-aged (age 40 to 60 years). Trump’s V.P. would become his heir apparent and 2028 frontrunner. There would potentially be four years of service as V.P., then eight years as president.
  3. Must be unfailingly loyal to Trump and the MAGA agenda, with a record of publicly defending him during his many travails against numerous coup d’état attempts and now pre-emptive coup d’état lawfare attempts. Probably not a woman on this plant meets this criteria.
  4. Does not overtly seek media attention; will not outshine him. Now that describes just about every conservative woman in the world.
    5, Perceived by voters as a moderating influence on Trump’s impolitic impulses and relative political inexperience. Perceived says it all.
  5. Has leadership roles as U.S. senator, representative, or governor.
  6. Appeals to moderates, independents, swing voters, and voters outside Trump’s base or who have left the GOP.
  7. Has business world/entrepreneurship or military command position experience.
  8. Will help with the essential counterrevolutionary reforms, especially the disempowerment and dismantling of the Administrative and Deep States, and the advancement of Trump’s legislative agenda through Congress.
  9. Can tolerate his big mouth that never shuts.

Sounds like MTG, however many have soured on her lately due to her blind support for the RINO McCarthy! Just another swamp creature looking to be that controlled opposition! Fk her!

Well now that Romney is retiring from the senate, well maybe not.

Liz is available, well maybe not there either.

Lou your disdain for Donald is getting old. He will be the nominee so ease your mind and accept what the overwhelming majority of GOP voters support.

Or, just vote third party and neuter yourself.

Nobody outside the hive cares about the VP.

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Maybe not. If the Democrats openly declare war against Russia, wouldn’t that prevent an election from taking place in 2024?

Technically yes! Democrats are by nature war mongers!

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You should care about VP as you are looking at another 80 year old in the WH. He will your nominee. The GOP is neutered as they prove day in and day out today. Just look at the GOP response to investigating Bidet. The democrats fell all over each other to impeach trump twice. That is called party unity, sadly missing in the GOP.

My disdain for RUMP will remain until h shuts his mouth ad acts professional instead of a petulant 5 year old. The man has wasted over 40 million dollars in donations for legal fees. The dems plan is working well to drain his coffers. It will b interesting to see who runs as the democrat choice. It won’t be Bidet.

Trump is up to 60%. Biden has lost the suburban women and black male votes.

Trump - Vivek get used to it.

What will be the first signs?

Oh maybe when one of their planes gets shot down. Apparently there was already a close call with a British spy plane almost being shot out of the sky.

What are the betting odds for you that Vivek will be on the ticket?

From where I am standing I am almost absolutely positive that Vivek will not be Trump’s running mate. He is a Trojan horse and a fraud to boot! My guess if I had to put money on it is that he is going to choose a woman. There are three that I am currently thinking of and one of them is above the rest. Can you guess?

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Get use to it, the Dems will have real candidate for president and the country will once again reject Trumps big mouth.

Biden is being prepped for ejection. He is on the threshold, or possibly has even passed the threshold, where he could appear to govern. His minders understand this. They must be the ones to replace him, otherwise they themselves risk being replaced, which would be intolerable. As I say, it’s not entirely clear yet how the change will take place. Harris will have to be dealt with first, and she will be. Look for some ground softening stories such as the Times just served up about the laptop. They won’t be long in coming.

Biden is being prepped for ejection. He is on the threshold, or possibly has even passed the threshold, where he could appear to govern.

RFK should be the candidate, but aside from that, do you think Newscum is going to emerge as the de-facto Democratic candidate. The sooner the better because I would love nothing better than to zero on the vetting of that loser!


So Lou who do you think will be ordained? NY money has had Biden cooked since Afghanistan.

We both know the choice has already been made. Pelosi said that Kamala was Bidens choice so once they are done using him she’s toast also. She’ll be a great future ambassador to Niger.

They’ll keep the choice in the closet for awhile now. To much exposure kills the cat. But the memo will go out, the faithful media hounds will bay at the moon in unison, and we’ll have a hybrid that will tell every lie in the world to regain the black and white suburban college educated woman vote.

In the mean time they spend their time organizing the purchase of extra ballots, more semi’s to transport votes across State lines, and surveys of nursing homes, graveyards, and college loan debtors.

Forget that the cities are overrun with migrants, but don’t forget the main issue, abortion.

Democrats are stupid however no that stupid. I think not.