Rule of Law is Dead

This is a great video on the current breakdown of the rule of law. Basically, the fish rots from the head. Respect for the law starts to disappear at all levels of society, until society finally becomes maximally cynical and corrupt. This leads to the dissolution of the social contract. Steady increase in entropy until finally, society dissolves completely into a state of lawlessness.

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The rule of law implies the same punishments for people that commit the same crimes - the absence of nepotism in the sphere of law. We live in a society that is lawless - the rich can get away with anything and the persucuted classes are hounded for anything they do. If you’re a millionaire you can give toddlers HIV daily but if you’re a blue collar slave you’re off to the slammer if some woman didn’t like the way you looked at her.

Instruments such as fine and bail bonds likewise only affect the working class. A fine is just a minor inconvience to the rich who make that amount in less than an hour. In a society that respects the rule of law a speeding billionaire would sit in prison for the same amount of time as a speeding wagecuck. Modern America is a lawless oligarchy.

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I strongly recommend watching his previous video which he only put on BitChute…for reasons that will become clearly evident upon watching:

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The rule of law is destroyed when out politicians and law enforcement organizations decide which laws to enforce and which to ignore.

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Did you watch either of the videos?

Hollywood is and always will be retarded. This was a good illustration how MSM has manipulated the masses into a false sense of security, much of what is now coming to fruition.

My first movie that I watched that was virus related, OJ Simpson and Sophia Loren.

Is the Rule of law dead? No, but we are getting very close to it now. The reason I have been very adamant about the threads (Spy) Obamagate and the Flynn case, is because if these clowns who committed treason are not held accountable then yes, the rule of law indeed will be dead. This is our last chance and right now both parties are fking it up big time, and if they succeed, expect a civil war to break out, because most are fed up with all that has been happening these last three years and no one has been charged yet, including Hillary. Rome is burning, under Nero should be the reference here.