Rudy Giuliani claims Ukraine 'laundered' $3 million to Joe Biden's son

I think Trump was obviously going to save this information for much closer to the election but the dumbass MSM reported on the whistleblower crap in a pathetic attempt to discredit Trump…so what does Trump do? He smartly released this info early. Now the MSM fucked Biden before the primaries are even close. Maybe the DNC has decided Elizabeth Warren is their chosen candidate and this is part of their plan. Thoughts?


Joe Biden is on video confessing to the whole thing! Where’s Lazy Bill? If AG Barr can’t prove that case he’s worse than I thought.


It’s going to be embarrassing when Biden and Hussein Obama are caught in the same trap they set for Trump!

They need to make good on some very high level prosecutions. The American people are tired of waiting around to see some accountability. It’s long overdue and the fact that Biden was making incriminating statements on television should be all the proof they need to move forward.

This should be a slam dunk. Note the cavalier attitude when discussing this blatant abuse of power and manipulation of our tax dollars.

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I only have sympathy for the Ukrainian people in this whole ordeal and I’m glad Rudy Giuliani is pressing this issue.

Excellent point. Russia annexes Crimea and then their “ally” Biden obstructs justice for millions that the Ukraine does not have.

This is a positive development but I’ll get excited when I see someone in handcuffs.

Very true. Hillary has every reason to be behind bars. People have been sent to prison for far less.

And you believe that this is true? Did I accidentally click on the Conspiracy section by mistake?

If the whistleblower claim is “fake news” and “partisan,” as Trump claims, why are they blocking its release to Congress as dictated by law? Why not release the transcript of the phone call in question?

I guess I’m not following what you’re saying. Are you saying that what Biden said isn’t true? If that’s the case, you just have to scroll up a bit and press play on the video of him saying it.

Better yet…If Biden was fighting corruption in the Ukraine…why would he allow his son to get ensconced in the investigation?

His story makes no sense unless you believe he was completely unaware of his sons business ventures.

I don’t.


As I understand it, John Solomon will give is some very damaging (to Biden) information concerning Hunter Biden’s legal team and what they did immediately after the ‘corrupt’ Ukrainian prosecutor was fired at the behest of VP Joe Biden.

The team contacted the new prosecutor and informed him that the fired prosecutor was not corrupt after all. The claim of his corruption was promulgated by none other than Sleepy Joe Biden himself. Biden, then VP of the United States was likely the one that convinced other countries to demand the prosecutor’s firing…based on phony accusations made by Joe Biden. Solomon promises documents from the Hunter Biden legal team and from the Ukrainian government.

Film at 11…!

On edit:
If you are able to watch the Hannity TV show, watch tomorrow night at 9:00PM EST for the initial story on the above. Investigative Reporter John Solomon will break the news on Hannity tomorrow Sept. 26, 2016.

Biden is (D)ifferent.

Well, obviously if there’s any evidence at all that this is true we need to immediately launch another special counsel investigation.


I’m catching the show now, did I miss it?

TONIGHT at 9:00 PM EST the show starts. I don’t know that it will be the first story, but it will be on the agenda.

Yeah I am beginning to wonder about Barr! His silence is starting to look ominously a lot like Jeff Sessions! I hope I am wrong, but it’s starting to look like a powder keg is about to explode setting off the entire house of cards!