Royal Marines to be sent to Gulf just days after Iran oil tankers attack

Royal Marines to be sent to Gulf just days after Iran oil tankers attack

ROYAL MARINES are set to be deployed to the Persian Gulf in the coming weeks, as tensions in the region continue to spiral after attacks on two tankers, blamed on Iran

Rubio Attributes Tanker Attacks to Iran, Says Military Response Is One Option among Many

"…I don’t think there’s any doubt. In fact, there is no doubt. First off, common sense tells you that — to run a boat out to one of these enormous vessels out in the middle of the Gulf, attach a mine to the side of it, blow a hole in it, and then be able to come back and retrieve a mine that didn’t go off in order to erase the evidence — I mean, there’s just no other force in the region with the capability to do that… There should be zero doubt in people’s minds. People can debate about what to do about it, but there should not be any debate that this was the IRGC’s Navy

The Brits have always gone and done our bidding, at least since the end of World War II. Simply committing their cucked Armed Forces to a deployment is not indicative of anything actually happening.

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Any INTELLIGENT comments out there?

Iran wants to force a conflict and a split between the US/UK alliance and other European powers like France where they do a whole lot of business.

Nothing new here other than the fact Trump isn’t going to back down.

Remember the backdrop of this is Iran trying with all their might to get a deliverable nuke produced before we can stop them and their best hope is to foment a major split between the allies.

Well, France’s pathetic showing in the Iraq war probably gives Iran hope.

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Apparently they owe us…:rofl::roll_eyes:

Well sure, that may be token for now, but they’ll be there for us. Remember, it was what they considered their oil that the Iranian government was going to nationalize when our CIA orchestrated its first regime change.

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Prepositioning troops as a warning is standard. The reason it works is because it tells your potential enemy that if pushed you are not only willing but able to respond immediately.

Depending on where you position them it is also used as a shield to protect valuable assets telling the enemy that if you attack this asset, you’ll kill/injure our troops and give us all the justification we need to launch an overwhelming response in reply.

The Brits have a mutual co-operation defense treaty with Bahrain which is where?.. oh yes it’s in the Persisn Gulf… which is where?..oh yea where the tankers that have been hit must transit…

The Brits are big time economic onterests in Bahrain…they are there to protect their interests…

In 2006, Bahrain and the United Kingdom signed an agreement for the promotion of protection investments which was designed “to create favourable conditions for greater investment by nationals and companies of one State in the territory of the other State.”[68]

On 13 June 2007, a co-operation agreement was signed between Bahrain Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange.

On 11 October 2012, a defence co-operation agreement was signed between Bahrain and the United Kingdom to promote intelligence sharing, education, scientific and technical co-operation and joint training of military forces.[69]

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Unsurprisingly, the only people other than obese Boomermericans willing to believe the Trump Administration’s insane Gulf of Oman hoax are the British.

These are the same British who were stupid enough to do the Iraq war with us.

Jeremy Corbyn is being called a traitor for not believing the hoax.


UK ministers including the foreign secretary have been quick to ridicule Jeremy Corbyn’s call for caution over blaming Iran for two attacks on Gulf tankers last week. The problem is the EU supports the Labour leader’s stance.

In the aftermath of Thursday’s attack, Corbyn took to social media to warn that the UK government’s rhetoric concerning the issue would “only increase the threat of war.” He suggested that they should be working to “ease tensions in the Gulf”and called for “credible evidence” to be put forward before entering into the blame game.

A viewpoint that riled Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, who branded the Labour leader “pathetic and predictable,” and asked why Corbyn can never back “British allies” [the US] or “British intelligence.”

Home Secretary Sajid Javid also waded in on Twitter, claiming Corbyn was “never on the side of the country he seeks to lead,” preferring to side with those that ‘threaten Britain’s national security’.

Painted as some kind of extremist by the UK government, Corbyn has found solidarity from EU nations and the UN secretary-general on this highly contentious issue. Ironically, Britain has been left isolated in their full backing of the US narrative, one that explicitly blames Iran for the events in the Gulf of Oman.

Yeah, no one in the EU believes it.

No one anywhere believes it.

Other than very specifically American and British conservative boomers.

Most people on earth are basically a bunch of retards. But there is just this one group of people that is stupider than all of these retards combined.

And it seems that they will never die, never shut up, never stop destroying the earth.


OMFG dude :joy:

I was talking to some younger dudes at work about this and they just all started laughing. Nobody believes this shit but people who think Q is real.

Trust the plan. MIGA.


Fascinating. Thanks for that.

Does your mom know you are using her computer?

Lest we forget the entire mess of the ME is the Brit’s baby to begin with.

At the end of WWII they drew lines on the map to create countries that never had been countries forcing people who hated each other to live under brutal dictators, forced those dictators into bed with BP and then left the region and washed their hands of the whole thing.

BP is still deeply and heavily invested there too.

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There’s a real possibility that England hit that tanker.

Never underestimate what parasite states will do in order to feed off blood.

I’m looking at you, England, Vatican City, and Israel.

You’ll never fail to find one of these abominations behind crazy bullshit.


You have absolutely nothing to support such a contention.

Where was the Nearest British Ship or Plane carrying anti ship missiles? Where is the evidence they fired?

The only abomination I see is that post

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TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — The Latest on developments in the Persian Gulf region amid rising tensions between Iran and the U.S. (all times local):

3 a.m.

U.S. officials say the Pentagon is sending about 1,000 additional American troops to the Middle East, as commanders try to bolster security for forces and allies in the region from what authorities say is a growing threat from Iran.

Officials say the deployment includes security forces and troops for additional surveillance and intelligence gathering in the region

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