Rosenstein Defends Trump, Bashes Obama

Speaking publicly for the first time since the release of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential elections, Assistant Attorney General Rob Rosenstein did not mince words. In a prepared speech delivered to the Public Servants Dinner of the Armenian Bar Association, Rosenstein criticized the Obama administration for failing to act on what he says should have been a “real-time reaction to Russian hacking.”

“The previous Administration chose not to publicize the full story about Russian computer hackers and social media trolls, and how they relate to a broader strategy to undermine America,” he said. But he saved his harshest criticism for the press, which he accused of blatantly sensationalizing the facts surrounding his involvement in the two-year inquiry. “Some of the nonsense that passes for breaking news today would not be worth the paper it was printed on, if anybody bothered to print it,” he said. “One silly question that I get from reporters is, ‘Is it true that you got angry and emotional a few times over the past few years?’ Heck yes! Didn’t you?”

Rosenstein Lashes Out at Obama and the Media, Defends Trump in First Remarks Since Mueller Report

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Wasn’t it Rosenstein who signed off on the FISA warrants and who gave Mueller free reign to do whatever he wanted? Not someone I would trust if I were in Trump’s shoes.


Rod “The Weasel” is trying to save his job. He should have recused himself from the Mueller probe on day one due to all of his conflicts and now he’s just doing damage control because they were unable to oust Trump.

I’ll say that the news on Rosenstein lately gives Congress significantly more moral authority to conduct a thorough and public investigation of all of this…

Your right , Rod is a snake !!! He was up to his pencil neck in the attempted coup !!!

What needs to be investigated is the attempted coup to remove a sitting president by people in and out of the previous administration as well serving under this one.

More right-wing conspiracy theory drivel. There was no attempted coup. Here’s what will happen. Trump will refuse to answer a congressional subpoena. That was one of the actions Nixon did that was listed in his articles of impeachment. Rosenstein may be a traitor but justice will be served.

Bullshit. We know from their texts and testimony that their intent was to remove a sitting president and that they cooked this whole thing up in order to do so.

Bullshit. Focus on facts. The fact is Trump was impeachable on his first day in office because his failure to divest created an insurmountable conflict of interest that is expressly forbidden in the constitution.

No, that’s pure BS. The POTUS is exempt from all such laws.

See above. POTUS is not exempt from Congressional oversight. Blocking or refusing to answer a Congressional subpoena will result in impeachment, just like Nixon.

The president can fight it all the way to the supreme court and he will win. This is an abuse of process by the congress. There is no legitimate oversight or legislative intent behind their subpoenas.

You’re going to be very disappointed.

Impeachment Hearings will be devastating to Trump:

  • Mueller Prosecutors testifying that they would have charged him if he was’t president

  • Mueller, McGahn, Hope Hicks, Lewandowski and Bannon all Tesitfying

  • New Possible crimes Which Mueller Referred outside

I think it is you who is going to be very disappointed.

It will be in court for 7 years lol have fun

Do you have a source for that? Or are you just making things up to make yourself feel better?

Just reality… trump will fight Presidential harassment

That’s a new term. Wow. I guess you would rather have a tinpot dictator than transparency for the American people.

It’s not harassment. It’s oversight. Congress has the power and if the President fights the subpoena or refuses to testify he can be impeached. Look no further than the Articles of Impeachment for Nixon.

You losers have had an investigation for the past two years 500 investigations thousands of subpoenas … you need to move on… how many times can you continue to lose…

There will be dozens of shootings and towns run by democrats this weekend, go focus on the real issues not playing loser

We are also focused on common sense gun control for all. Thanks for acknowledging the gun violence problem in America - although this isn’t the thread for that conversation.

We have the poorest towns in America where 100% of the population has multiple guns and hasn’t been a murder in years …
so it’s not gun control. Why do you ignore real reasons blacks are stuggling? That’s the definition of racisim… why so racist?