Ron DeSantis is Skull and Bones


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I don’t trust this guy. Deep state plant

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I wouldn’t take much stock in this when considering the sources. Hit pieces like this is fodder leading up to election time.


Looks like Trump was correct AGAIN

More Trump planted bullshit Lets see what the Trump TRUE story looks like - fact check if you have doubts …

DeSantis and the GOP have a much better plan for America, for the deficit, inflation, growth, infrastructure, healthcare, China and Russia. Very soon, perhaps before the elections, we will unveil our plan. For America. Any GOP nominee will be far better, far more qualified and far more optimistic, patriotic and practical than any cadaver that the Dems can pull out of their dystopian crypt. How many years was Trump a demoRAT ?

If Trump is the nominee it will end up being exactly the same as 2020 dems WIN !!!. Another week-end at Bernie’s running the Country into the ground . DeSantis can bring in many more moderates and “never Trumpers”. Trump’s huge ego always gets in his way and he is not the person who is going to turn things around. We need new fresh ideas and a younger person , much younger ! Just take a look at Trump’s home state - Little Afghanistan. Actions speak louder than bullshit speeches . Trum p was a demopRAT far longer than he was a republican , hell he switched parties like Stormy sucked cock !!

Trump was the dipshit who spoke HIGHLY of dems like HarryReid , Oprah , even Nancy Pelosi – ALL TRUE !!! In an interview with Wolf Blitzer Trump was quoted “In many cases I identify MORE as a democrat “ Stating “ it just seems the economy does much better under the democrats than the republicans “

If your own state has been invaded by foreigners to the point you have cities sounding sirens for Muslim morning prayer, and has violent Crime throughout, maybe you need to work on your own state before lying to me about how you’re going to fix the country., Start at YOUR home State. The Trump train was de-railed in 2020. Far too many bankruptcies, rude remarks , Fauci for me to even consider a malignant narcissist again !

I don’t think these attacks are productive. While I preferred Trump over Clinton and Biden, I don’t like the constant drama. He has to stop attacking everyone, cut out the victim speak and start talking about solutions. . It’s immature and it turns people off. Truth is that Trump wouldn’t have to defend himself with regards to Stormy if he had exercised a little bit of self control. Calling a woman your accused of having an affair with “horse face” makes you sound guilty, immature and was so not needed. The people are ready for mature focused leadership. You can’t behave in this manner and then complain that people are criticizing your behavior.

DeSantis’ leadership during the pandemic was fundamentally different from anyone else’s, including that of Trump/Fauci team .Workers praised Ron - “You saved our jobs,” a waitress says. “They tried to shut us down, but you saved our businesses,” a car mechanic says. “You led by facts, not fear,” a nurse says, as hospital machinery beeps in the background. The kicker? Two kids who say, “you let us go to school” and “you let us learn.” We all know Trump/Fauci vaccine was poison but They sold it like carnival barkers making BIIG PHARMA hundreds of billions !

Trump left our Country with far few jobs than when he was elected only 1 other president had that hanging over their head . unemployment hit a 50 plus year LOW .Trump economic record: Worst jobs numbers leaving office since Herbert Hoover | Fortune

Donald Trump owns the biggest job losses of any president on record | CNN Business

Trump and his supporters need to take a step back and decide what is more important for our country: OLD FAT Trump running, but Biden winning AGAIN Or getting a true YOUNG conservative in office

All knives are out on DeSantis as I am seeing on social media lately.

Why in the world would you remove Ron from being a governor, and have him get bruised up?

He’s kicking ass a governor.

Whats sad is he called Putin a war criminal.

He’s saying he would arrest one of the words largest gas owners, who we would need after we negotiate a peace deal. Bad bad choice of words.

It’s the Zionist Neocons who are the true war criminals.
Bombing of civilians in Serbia, 911, massacres of millions of Arabs in Libya, Syria and Iraq, crimes against humanity ad nauseum. Ukrainians are slow learners.

Remember the psychopath and Neocon Madeleine Albright (who claims she didn’t know that she was Jooish) who publicly said that the deaths of half a million Iraqi children were worth it?

Right. Your life ain’t worth a damn, unless you’re Jooish.

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You maybe correct BUT IF YOU TRUMP , AND TURD jisssssbag think Putin is our ally , you are sadly mistaken . Bombing women and children is as bad as you can get !!!

You think all our ally’s have to be nice boys and girls? lol

Who’s doing it?
14,000 women and children were killed in Donetsk by Ukrainian shelling and the people of People’s Republic of Donetsk asked Russia to intervene.

In Mariupol, the Ukrainian troops took positions in top floors of apartment buildings, while they forced the residents into the basement and shot them if they tried to escape.

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bullshit …

Mariupol: Russia’s bombing of maternity and children’s hospital an ‘atrocity,’ Zelensky says | CNN
In Focus: War in Ukraine is a crisis for women and girls | UN Women – Headquarters
Ukraine war: Three dead as maternity hospital hit by Russian air strike - BBC News
Putin’s War on Ukraine’s Women and Children (

Putin’s Ukraine war drives surge in sex trafficking of women, children (

Around 300 killed in bombing of Mariupol theater marked ‘children’: council (

Lack of Impulse Control, As Always (
The national calamity we are in is because a fat old man with no impulse control lacked impulse control, had a sexual relationship with porn star, and, when the Christian Right gravitated to him, had to shut her up with hush money because he was afraid they’d turn on him right before the 2016 election.

Those are just the facts.

PEE-PEE TRUMPY :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Must be bad when pee-pee trump has to pay a skank to piss on him , hell there are 125,000,000 that would piss on him for fun !!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I saw Ron walking Down the street one day I said hey Ron! He said yes.
I said hey Ron if you become president will you still groom little girls!? He said why yes I will!


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Are you jealous of his sex life?

Putin is a war criminal, Jittler.

Boo, Jittler. I call bullshit.



An reliable unbiased source. ROFLMAO.

Maybe a topic of interest, no probably not.

America on the Edge of the Cliff

There is more than an average share of discontent brewing from sea to shining sea as ever more Americans get the sense that their country, which has been pivotal to ensuring global security, stands on the edge of a cliff. Many comfort themselves by looking at other pivotal moments in our history where the country’s future was in doubt right before the ship was righted. But, due to a confluence of factors, it is hard to imagine America bouncing back.

There are four problems that, if not reversed soon, will lead to collapse, and America will fall.

1. The most obvious problem is out-of-control government spending. The interest on the national debt is pushing toward a cool trillion dollars, clocking in at $659 billion for fiscal 2022, gobbling up ever more American tax dollars.

2. So how did we get to this state where solutions seem impossible? That’s where the second trend comes in, which is the complete takeover of our institutions by real radicals, not the pretend kind that the Mitt Cheneys of this world see behind every rock.

The core of this problem was the complete fall of the American university.

3. A big part of why these institutions stand secure in their corruption and toxic missions is the lack of common values and decency within America today. We are suffering from a societal lack of respect for life and from an inability to see a common humanity within our fellow citizens.

Our once common values, even if we sometimes failed to live up to them, were enshrined in our founding documents and formed the foundation of our society. That foundation has now been shattered, and we are left with nothing that binds us together. Remove agreed upon norms of decency that are expected of everyone, and you end up with Lord of the Flies, or the latest “mostly peaceful” fiery protest du jour by the lovely lemmings who make up the core of the Democrat party, or what passes for San Francisco these days.

4. So what would an American collapse leave behind?

He can’t RESPOND to you! He has been banned from this place!

Interesting. Other members are:
Robert Kagan - Wikipedia
(Husband of Victoria Nuland, nicknamed angel of death)

Angela Warnick Buchdahl - Wikipedia
(senior rabbi at New York’s Central Synagogue)

Like attracts like. All satanists are there, including John Kerry and the Bush family.