Roger Stone Arrested By the FBI


It was never proven! What part of that do you not understand? Again you are repeating talking points here! Next!


Lol. Ok.


They fed you a line of BS.

Grand Jury proceedings are secret. Unless someone leaked that Mueller’s GJ was meeting they could not have even known that.

They could not have possibly known the date and time of the raid without a leak.

If it were as simple as CNN claims every network and local TV reporter in the area would have had Stone’s place staked out.


They know Muellers GJ convened on Fridays because they’ve been staking out Muellers team for months.

Did you miss the whole fuss over the foreign company? They had to shut a whole floor down to keep the reporters out.

The time was the same time Manafort was raided. The day they guessed based on Muellers team asking for that day to be clear, and because of the prosecutors who were present in court the day before.

It’s not simple, but it aint complicated. They took a gamble in sending someone and it paid off.

But as I said, feel free to conspiracy-monger on little to no evidence.


Still recycling your previous garbage? Got anything new to offer here?


Nope, add Roger Stone to the list of crooks Trump surrounds himself with.




Retaliation from whom?



Robert Mueller and all of his goon bulldog lawyers should be disbarred.


Ah c’mon now. That was just dern good journalistic detective work.




They couldn’t have known that without a leak.


From the FBI/DOJ and definitely from the Democratic lead house committees not to mention the Clintons and DNC who have any dirt that can be found on just about anyone in power in either party.


New Video footage emerges of the raid on Roger Stone’s house.

Shocking that the FBI coordinated with CNN?