Roger Stone Arrested By the FBI


Stone is one of the few characters caught up in all of this I have real sympathy for.

He’s a decent, honorable guy who has been ruined simply because of his association with Trump.

Papadopoulos is another sympathetic character in all of this.

While all of them were targeted specifically because of their associations with Trump Cohen was a scumbag that belonged in prison period. He’s also the most likely to start composing to hang Trump and others with lies for his own self preservation.


That’s totally false, they’ve made multiple referrals to the DOJ but the gutless eunuch Sessions ignored them.

10 people at the FBI/DOJ have been fired or demoted over this already including Comey, Stzok, and Paige.

Congress however has no power to impose or enforce criminal penalties on anyone. Even a contempt of congress citation has to be referred to the DOJ for prosecution.


Sessions hasn’t been the AG for many months.


UCO’s involved in a drug sting will often be in possession of illicit drugs to be used as part of the sting.

Crooked officers have lots of opportunities to get their hands on illegal drugs just like they have lots of opportunities to get their hands on illegal guns that they can later use “just in case” a raid or shooting goes bad.

There are few people I hate worse than bad cops, prosecutors, and crooked judges. They all undermine the system itself which degrades, and rightfully so, public confidence in the system on top of egregious abuses of citizen’s rights.

The courts also have created a separate set of rights for LEO’s allowing them to get away with things routinely that the average citizen would be convicted of serious felonies over usually in the name of “officer safety”.


Which in no way refutes my point.

The first rule of organizations is “protect the organization”.

We have a new AG settling in, let’s see how interested he is in perusing those cases before judging. Hell he hasn’t even been confirmed yet.


Pence isn’t “far right” by any stretch. He’s conservative which is only slightly right of center.


Not true! You really need to do more reading 0n the subject matter, as of right now you just make yourself look ignorant by making such claims as you have no clue on what you are talking about! Have you been living in a cave for the past two years? Sheesh! Talk about wilful ignorance! You take the cake!


Agree for the most part, but not I agree with Cohen part, only because he won’t be a very credible witness for the deep state!


Credible or not they are going to use him. Mueller doesn’t care if every single one of these convictions is eventually overturned, it’s all about intimidation and attempting to ruin the Administration or at a minimum rendering Trump completely ineffective in hopes he’ll resign or be defeated in 2020.


The way I see it, it is all about dissuading him from running for a second term. They know he won’t be impeached. The goal is to force feed us another establishment Republican in 2020.


Nah it looks pretty straightforward in terms of how they figured it out.


Wow, talk about a misread.

You may be the first person to ever refer to Stone as decent and honorable.

He’s a legendary rat-fucker, long known in DC as a master of the dark arts and the dirty trick. Dude has Nixon tatooed on his back.

Honorable and decent he is not.


Only to those in denial of reality. The Mueller team, Comey and others have been using a direct leak line to CNN for years.

If it were as you say, CNN would not have been the sole agency on the scene and you could see the little bastard smirking when he was claiming it was just “good work” on their part.


His graduation from the Naval Academy, Honorable Discharge and the way he’s handled this whole thing all prove otherwise.

I tried hard not to like the guy but the more I looked into his actual record the more I had to.

In the future if you can’t respond to me without crawling into the gutter don’t bother.


Well i guess this clears Trump!


I found this rather astute:

“How did Putin get HRC to put 10,000s of SOS emails on sex offenders Weiner’s laptop next to his dick pics for the NYPD to find?”

Why hasn’t the media asked this question? Inquiring minds want to know.


The stolen emails were already being made public before anyone associated with the campaign even mentioned them so any arguments that Trump or anyone in the campaign was involved in “illegal activity” relative to them is just pure partisan BS.


The first person to mention Trump and Russian collusion was Hillary at the presidential debates. She mentioned it in July of 2016. The FBI didn’t even mention Russia until December, and they made no mention of Trump at all. Every time I’ve brought this up though, it’s conveniently been ignored.


The better question is why hasn’t everyone involved been indicted on espionage charges?

This is a fair question their defenders throw up as evidence they did nothing wrong.

Without sounding like a conspiracy nut I think there’s obviously blackmail or a fear of blackmail involved.

The FBI and DOJ have been weaponized against Trump and his Associates since Trump first declared his run and I suspect that many high ranking republicans fear retaliation if they push too hard and force the DOJ/FBI into acting against the original conspirators from the prior administration.

Virtually anyone who is investigated can find themselves bankrupted and facing charges of “making false statements” with no recourse if you are seriously targeted.

There was a great discussion on Levin’s Sunday night show about just this tonight. It’s worth watching if you can still find it but haven’t seen it yet.


Umm, General Flynn comes to immediate mind when reading your post.

Why was no one charged for illegally unmasking his conversation he had that ultimately incriminated him in lying to the FBI?.

Or how about Wolf? Who was recently found guilty with a slap on the hand for leaking classified information to the media, to a reporter he no doubt was sleeping with? Hmm odd isn’t it? That same Wolf who is connected with Bur And Warner on one of the most corrupt committees in DC? Just a thought if you actually know this story in more detail?