Rod Serling Was Prophetic With This Warning

Watch The Twilight Zone episode, “The Obsolete Man” when you can. You might think this episode is futuristic. It is actually constructed from history, warning us that our future may be doomed to look like this if we fail to learn from history. I can see the latency of its arrival. Serling’s words here are incredibly prophetic and wise.


People have yet to learn from history.

We continue to make the same mistakes year after year.

Logic is the enemy and truth a menace.
Seems that is where we are today.

It almost seems death is a relief to this bondage we currently live in. I won’t long for this world once it’s said and done, “we will never be here again” as a famous line in a song once said.

I look around and watch people. They get angry if you’re not wearing a mask and accept the mandates from government without thinking about the curtailing of their rights. The government destroying small businesses and livelihoods, the economy and not a second thought.

Fraud in elections and people don’t care.

A friends daughter and husband came to their house and spent the xmas holiday with them. Both wore masks in the house for the entire weekend and they took separate vehicles when going out.

Have we finally reached the point of no return?

People have gone crazy by what you just described there. I don’t think I could walk down the street anymore without packing heat. I think burning the whole place down is anecdotal at this point.


Burgess Meredith is “The Obsolete Man” …I love that one!

I really do. Oh no! You gotta see the whole thing, you really do!
Some of the best TV ever! God bless him, he was reading the Bible and everything!
23rd psalm and all!
PS: Rod Serling was a Mormon.

We’re all about to become the obsolete man.