Robotic Automation Will Never Replace Humans

Robots are used because automation is cheaper than human workers.

If humans couldn’t be hired to perform tasks because of robots, then the companies using robots would go out of business and/or the economy would spiral out of control towards collapse.

A business only works because people can pay into it, thus a constant equilibrium (only interrupted by state interference) exists in which employers can only offer services so long as employees exist to pay for said services.

Therefore robots cannot replace humankind because to do so would cause humankind to be unemployed, leading to the collapse of said robotics companies and the rehiring of humans.

This does not take into account changing markets, it only points out that we don’t have to worry about robots.

Demand for labor would decrease, which either:

  1. Shifts labor to a less-automated industry
  2. Decrease wages for that industry while maintaining the same (or better due to higher commodity quality) purchasing power.

It’s not automation that we need to worry about. Globalization is already doing the job that so many screaming about automation are worried about.

There are jobs where robots cannot replace humans.
(I don’t believe in modern medicine which posits that humans are just mechanical and chemical beings.)
Massage therapists, acupuncturists, osteopaths, chiropractors, dentists (maybe yes)

I’m sure there are other irreplaceable jobs.

When it comes to industrial production, robots may be more efficient. But stop and think. Do we really need this many “new” products?

No, the level of consumption we take for granted is totally unnecessary. What about modes and fashions? Total BS.

Or cars. Sports cars and luxury cars? What for? How many years do they run?

Isn’t robots replacing humans where the whole UBI argument comes in?

What’s UBI?
Am not good at acronyms

You have a point there! The question is a little misleading and common sense should prevail in that no robots will never replace humans, but things that already are automated and menial tasks like warehouse distribution, assembly etc. Is where robots will do more and efficiently! The less educated who rely on such jobs will be forced to adapt by becoming educated to learn new skills to offer their services that require what only humans can perform that will be in demand in the future.

This is more about fear mongering because let’s face it as technology advances many people will become displaced and outdated in the skills they can offer which effects the less educated and less trained.

In China for example there already are clerkless stores which has seen great success and could offer a model for convenient stores in America that has to employ people to man the register and be susceptible to robbery. The latter of course is just an example that could be implemented in America, but it’s already being used in places like China.

The combination of robotics and the use of certain technologies is in the aggregate of what the future will be shaped into that will replace humans not just robotics alone.

There will never ever be a robot that can match the fluid dexterity of human eye hand coordination.