Roberts has to go because he is corrupt

There is nothing new about this Roberts.

Not that court systems elsewhere and in other countries are not corrupt, but this guy has to go immediately.

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Dam! A lawyer of Lin Wood’s stature calling out a Chief Justice is pretty bold! Lin Wood has some big balls! That is a shot across the bow if I ever seen one!


Robert’s is part of the deep state, he got promoted based on favors he did


DID it really happen???

The SCOTUS is video conferencing and not in the court house according to COVID rules.

Did what really happen?

I had also heard that Clinton´s name was also on the flight´s passenger list.

That’s correct. Bill Clinton was very close to Epstein.

Dems who turn up in DC will be arrested.
This update by Simon Parkes is to be heard in conjunction with his update on 12-18.

SCOTUS will be forced to hear the cases under Article 3.

I don’t think you have a say in this Didge…:man_shrugging:

And Lin Wood is a nobody, and a psycho…

Roberts is in a life time appointment…

Do you have the flights passenger list? I bet you also heard somewhere that Biden didn’t win the 2020 presidential election too…