Robert Steele revisited, on Iran

This is a great American
(as opposed to foul mouthed idiots)
with knowledge on the Middle East.
I don’t exactly know his connection with the CIA, but he is an insider.

Zionism is over. Amen to that.

Coming from you that means he’s a fool and probably an antisemite bigot.

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Zionism is over? That is hateful

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You’re learning. That’s all he and Magog ever have to offer. Lies, Anti-Semitism, Hate, and moonbat conspiracy theories are their whole shtick.


Why am I suddenly getting a funny feeling that I know why my posts were disappearing

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Probably because I told you why in your other thread on the subject.

Anti-Zionism is the same as AntiSemitism

You got gang-flagged by the hate crowd.


Exactly, just another label used for the same purposes, to denigrate ■■■■ and demonize Israel.

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Gang flagging. That’s it.
That’s why pertinent posts are removed by a stupid bot

So the moderators are BOTS?

I don’t know. Because of the time difference, I don’t think all of the moderators are awake (assuming majority of them are in North America).

I notice good posts which contain no personal insults, abuses or calling other liars get promptly removed at odd hours for US residents. This can be only attributed to bots reacting to gang-flagging