Rishi Sunak is New UK Prime Minister 🇬🇧

Rishi Sunak is now set to become the next prime minister of the UK. Rishi Sunak as was intimated in an earlier thread here is that he favors a Chinese style social credit score system for the UK. He is also a hand picked WEF candidate to which is raising a lot of suspicions as to what his underlying motives are going to be going forward with the UK’s future. His back ground is tied in with elitists circles and comes from a controversial family background with power and wealth.

He served as Finance minister with the BOE and should tell you all you need to know whose interests he will be representing when the chips fall on the table. In other other words this latest news is a Trojan horse of betrayal for UK citizens and sometimes as the saying goes you get the government you deserve, thus with a void of quality leaders to step up and lead England past their current crisis, Sunak is in essence an appointed PM almost by default. All around this is bad news for Britain, the question is how long will he last? He has the support of the Tory’s currently enough to form a new cabinet but time will tell on how much he will be able to influence with the introduction of polarizing policies but if British citizens are not able to awake from their apathy to see their freedoms going further into the abyss there is no telling what carnage maybe invoked. Darker times awaits and perhaps a Britain going to a place of no return is really the main thesis.

More detailed back ground on how Sunak was groomed for this position.

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Yes, another Pajeet. Yawn.

No doubt, he will continue carrying out the WEF agenda. No one will push back as all British politicians are a bunch of inept fools. They’re completely out of touch with the average person and have no idea how to run a country, which is painfully obvious. The only thing they’re good at is making themselves rich while the rest of us suffer, but lately they have even done that poorly.


I think Sunak is going to last longer than Liz, but not all the way to the next election.

The British economy remains a sh*tshow and no Tory appears to have a solution. However, the party won’t be helped by tossing out a PM every other month, so they’ll probably keep with Sunak for the time being.

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When a Labour government arrives, hopefully in two years, it will have to renegotiate some kind of a trade agreement with the EU which leaves Britain with a better status that it now is faced with, which is longterm unworkable.

Sunak gets a honeymoon (Truss got one too), but the lil things that eventually ended her premiership, could do the same with his.


Things like making decisions?

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Get back to me in three weeks, because it’d be crazy if he makes the same mistakes.

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He will last longer because he isn’t a woman making decisions the way a woman makes decisions…which is utterly useless and almost always wrong in every situation.

I think of him as a GHWB type. Not an idiot, but advancing himself by constantly making peace with a Party that has turned hard right, a wooden speaker, facing a deep recession. It will end in the same way, I hope, when he’s up against a competent center-left opponent.

I think you are right and I agree. He will stick around long enough for people to forget until the next crisis happens and no solutions are had he too will resign or be forced to. I give him a year at the most.

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What are the betting odds?


Nigel Farage Gives His Perspective on New U.K Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

](Nigel Farage Gives His Perspective on New U.K Prime Minister Rishi Sunak - The Last Refuge)

Let memes begin!

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This angle is probably the best example. Not hopeful that Sunak is going to make our lives better!

This is what I was intimating about earlier.

They sold this to the people as if no one cared. They probably still don’t but his family ties to Bill Gates foundation is rubbish

Pajeet Prime Minister has it all figured out. Printing money is so expensive and inefficient…might as well just completely make it up to only exist on your screen.

Boom! Economy fixed!

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Predictable and on cue! Fkers! Pushing this digital currency crap is part of the larger plan to control people, and it will be followed up with a social credit score system, and he is on record of having advocated for that. Britain is lost if he is able to push it through!

Cryptocurrency was never meant to be controlled by the government. The whole point of cryptocurrency is that it’s decentralized and not subject to the whims of a single entity. However, governments around the world are starting to clamp down on cryptocurrency. China has banned ICOs and is shutting down exchanges. South Korea is also considering a ban on cryptocurrency trading.

The government’s justification for these actions is that they’re trying to protect investors from fraud and market manipulation. However, many believe that the real reason is that the government is scared of losing control over the economy. After all, if people start using cryptocurrency instead of fiat currency, then the government will no longer be able to control the money supply.

There are a few reasons why government control over cryptocurrency would be bad for both investors and the industry as a whole.

First, it would stifle innovation. If the government crackdown on cryptocurrency is successful, then it will discourage people from working on new projects in this space. This would be a huge blow to the industry, as cryptocurrencies need constant innovation to thrive.

Second, it would make it harder for investors to make money. Right now, there’s a lot of speculation going on in the cryptocurrency markets. People are buying coins with the hope that they’ll go up in value so that they can sell them at a profit later. However, if the government steps in and tries to control prices, then it will become much harder for investors to make money.

And finally, it would centralize power within the government. If the government is able to successfully control cryptocurrency, then it will give them a lot of power over the economy. This would be bad for both investors and businesses alike, as it would concentrate power within a single entity.

The more troubling aspect about Crypto along with instituting a social credit score system (because you can’t have one with out the other in order to unleash the bigger strategy of having a control mechanism over human behavior), is the fact its about having total control. IMO once they control the food source as well as the money supply then their objective for complete control over the masses of ordinary lives has been achieved. Go look at Sunak’s background and find out why so many people are sounding the alarms of his appointment and the threat he poses!

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