Rifle Company Pays Multi-million Settlement

Sandy Hook families settle with Remington over school massacre (cnbc.com)
I guess next knife companies will be sued for terrorist Attacks!


This was a total sellout by Remington. People kill people not guns. How retarded is this settlement and what was the actual motive behind this decision?


Well Bob, first of all, Remington is a sell out, a PEF now is behind the manufacturing of the weapon, that was modeled after the military rifle M-16, which was a joint effort by Mattel and ArmaLite, later Colt and FN Herstal, a Belgian company…

It’s “Remmington’s” marketing of the weapon that provided the opportunity for attorneys to get around the US law that previously protected manufacturers from civil liability….

This 73 million will be paid out through insurance companies which is sure to have the same impact on gun manufactures as successful lawsuits had against cigarette manufacturers did….

“After the Cerberus private equity firm bought Remington in 2007, it launched aggressive campaign that pushed sales of AR-15s through product placement in first-person shooter videogames and by touting the AR-15 as an effective killing machine, Koskoff said.”

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What’s next a civil suit against Louisville Slugger and Ginzu Knives!!!

Ron DeSantis has remained silent on this

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