Richard Grenell to Adam Schiff: Either Release Hidden Transcripts or I Will Do It for You

Finally! A Washington official with balls big enough to tell Adam Schiff to go pound sand!

I hope the ODNI actually releases them and not Schiff. Sitting on them makes him and his pals look guilty as hell. If the intelligence community does it then you know how screwed up things are just by them taking that action. Plus - they would just be complying with a unanimous vote - so there are no partisan claims to be played. The people paid for those documents and that useless investigation. We have a right to see what the transcripts say.


Yes! I read this already, and this happens while Ratcliff is going through the confirmation process! Brilliant move!

They need to quit posturing then and just cut the documents loose.

It appears Schiff is caving in order to save his already fragile political life. It may be too late for Schiff on the latter!