Review Of Rublican Debate Hosted By NBC

Rather than bore anyone with messy details as to why the Republican debate hosted by NBC went off the rails, I will just link Mark Dice’s commentary where he summarizes it pretty nice. I am sure we all have better things to do than to watch a bunch of clowns attempting to give lip service by making promises they know they don’t intend to keep, thus why go through such false pretenses? I will save you the time is the right answer!

However Vivek Ramaswamy pretty much stole the show by igniting some serious fireworks as he laid waste to the event with truth bombs such as calling for the Republican chair to resign and much and much more.


I totally agree he hit far more issues important to conservatives . The overall debate was chaotic mess with candidates talking over each other . For the life of me i can not understand the GOP continually talking about cutting SS and Medicare . The cuts they should be talking about are TAXES , TAXES ,TAXES and aid to foreign Countries , an end to helping wars to rage on and on . Have a viable solution to inflation and the economy !
A solution to our mounting DEBT. Reducing the outrageous number of programs that make it more profitable to collect than WORK . we have to have a work clause attached to ALL types of aid programs ! The Federal government along States government need to establish zero based budgets .
We have to eliminate caps on SS contributions ( if you earn 2 million a year pay into SS on the entire amount ) !
Work on cutting 75% of the catastrophic regulations . Show voters how fucking stupid going all electric really is . Reduce the gas taxes both Federal and State . Go after businesses that use supply side bullshit to gouge consumers . Rein in the IRS, FBI , and CIA .
Get our borders back and deport ALL illegals day one . Punish that Counties that allow them to cross our border . WTF

All legitimate grievances but nothing will go forward until the elephant in the room is addressed, and Ramaswamy pretty much laid it out in plain language what that is!

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He hits every point and I’m surprised the poll didn’t have him winning by 98% not 83% !!
We all know the trump polls are all bullshit and made up to make him the front runner because the liberal media and 100% of the dems want him to be the nominee because he will get crushed !!!

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As much as I like what he says… as much as I liked him when he threw his hat in the ring… I’m still not sold. I get a weird vibe from him, like he is just another polished turd saying what I/we want to hear. I won’t be easily swayed by ANYONE this next election. If I don’t like any of them, I’ll write in Joe Walsh. :grin:

There are two kinds of people in the USA.

1… those who love America.

2… Democrats.

Isn’t that really the true definition of a politician ?
If you listen to Ramaswamy he is a younger version of the good trump . Without all the nasty crap . Dont get me wrong whoever is the GOP’s choice is the person i’m voting for . The dems will win if we all go in different directions !

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I hear ya, but I’m afraid that going in different directions is what is going to happen. That’s why I want Kennedy to be the Dem candidate. At least he’s intelligent and won’t be a total disaster like the current idiot. I really don’t think the GOP has a chance of winning this election.