REVEALED: Disney Ditches Tucker Carlson Ads But Openly Collaborates With The Chinese Communist Party

We can now begin to see the bigger picture here, when Hollywood companies such as Disney are in bed with the CHICOM’s? How is this not news? Right! We know the answer to that question. Nevertheless good time as any to start boycotting Disney as well as others for their blatant sellouts over their own country.

To top it off there is this, with: the insert your name here for her ____________ for Streisand’s latest cringe worthy ultimate lowest level virtue signaling I have ever seen.

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Very interesting articles. Disney has a long reputation of being leftist. The corporation founded by Walt and his brother has long been gutted by ■■■■ and pinko´s. Well I think BS was very cleaver to assist GF daughter, after all within the next year she will be a multi-millionaire and I am sure her financial advisers will steer her investments to charities or trust which BS may have an interest in.

Yeah, BS, literally is “BS” is the face of the elite and we should never forget it. I just wish one day there will be accountability to answer for every time a major corporation ends up being hypocritical and sells out to our adversaries.

I had Disney channel on yesterday morning for my nephew and at every single commercial break they were playing a Black Lives Matter commercial. My nephew asked…but what about my life?

Fuck Disney.

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Good news that Disney ditches the race baiting and inciting pundit TC…:+1:

Disney is actively working to brainwash children into being obedient little leftist slaves. They should have all of their FCC licenses yanked and everyone should boycott Disney and everything that they own.

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And none of that will happen…

The pendulum swings both ways. When it does happen, because it will, don’t be surprised.


Yeah, that’s not going to happen…

Is that the best you can come up with?

It’s funny that because you can’t articulate an argument you just stick your fingers in your ears and scream “no, no, no, no, no” like a little baby.

The pendulum always swings the other way politically. Always has and always will. Now you and your criminal communist pals are pushing so hard that when it comes back the other way you are all going to get completely obliterated.

Americans don’t want what you and your ilk are pushing and our patience has its limits. Keep pushing though because the harder you push left the further the country is going to swing right.

Thanks in advance!

The liberal snowflakes aren’t happy with 99.999 % of agenda driven leftist bullshit and open lies being aired by mindless ■■■■ on CNN and liberal squawk TV , they need TOTAL censorship of the airwaves and ALL written media .

Made Sponge Bob a ■■■ like you , celebrate . :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Nothing I said is in all caps or bolded. No “screaming” from me, and no personal insult directed at you. Seems PI is all you can come up with…:man_shrugging:

Some Americans…:wink:

Many more do, it’s what’s happening, and has the racist bigots fit to be tied. Which is presumably why you’re throwing a fit…:thinking:

You never have an intelligent argument to offer in any of your posts. It’s either everyone is racist or it’s about Trump while posting your fake news sources or copying and pasting Fake news Articles all the time! You are the definition of a lying hypocritical troll!

Yeah, what about it. It’s not being threatened…