Retarded Reverse Discrimination-Scotland!

The Edinburgh University has been accused of supporting ‘blatant racism’ for having hosted a supposed ‘anti-racism’ conference which banned white people from speaking.

Where are all the leftist when you need one? Just think if a public meeting excluded people of color. The fascist leftist news media would have and orgasm!

This is not reverse racism or discrimination this is racism and discrimination. It’s like the organisers of these events are trying to antagonise people it was a similar thing to this that red pilled me for want of a better word a London university called goldsmiths also had an event were men were not allowed to speak and white people in general were not allowed to speak this was in 2015 and was organised by a woman called Bahar Mustafa

This happened when I was still on Twitter before I was kicked off for arguing about this and the amount of white women defending The event say my feelings were hurt as a man and when I pointed out they were also not allowed to speak because they were white they seem to agree with it I do not understand how this level of induction happens

Makes sense to me. Seriously…what could white people possibly contribute to any discussion of white racism? I mean really.

All you do is come here to troll and you’re not even good at it your so transparent and lazy

How am I trolling? I legit believe that. White people have no place to speak when it comes to racism.

Of course you really believe that you’re not just saying that for a reaction