Rest In Peace Mr. Richard Overton

Rest in Peace, sir. Thank you for your service and congratulations on a life well lived.


I always find it interesting when I hear a story about centenarians. They NEVER attribute their long lives to doing what the government tells them: Three square meals per day, exercise, don’t drink, don’t smoke, etc…

Instead, I always hear them attribute their longevity to things like faith, whiskey, and; smoking 12 cigars per day.

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He was quite a character, a whisky drinking cigar aficionado.

Godspeed and Happy trails cowboy.

“Keep living, don’t die”. Wise advice on a long life from Richard Overton. RIP.

He reminds me of the line in the song, “I just wanna live until I die”. And he did.

For many, a long life is a genetic gift from their ancestors.

R.I.P. , Mr. Overton. You deserve it…and thanks for serving!

Some days death may come home with a black eye given him by the people he visits … this may have been one.

God Bless Him and may he Rest In Peace. Thank you for your service Mr. Overton!:us: