Republicans turn on voters again , Mitch, the bitch McConnell

McConnell: “The Senate must carefully consider the opportunity in front of us and prepare to act.”

He says the bill has “direct and immediate solutions to the crisis at our southern border.”

— Andrew Desiderio (@AndrewDesiderio) February 4, 2024
Did you read the bill? The Senate supposedly hashed out this cockamamie piece of legislation over the past three months—and it’s a nightmare. Americans want the border secure. This bill does the opposite. As some noted, it’s not a border security appropriation; it’s a Ukraine aid package. It carries a $118 billion price tag, but roughly $20 billion is allocated to fixing the border. The lion’s share goes to Kyiv.
The money for extra agents is solely aimed at processing asylum claims. It provided taxpayer-funded lawyers to migrants under 13, and children of H-1B visas no longer must worry about fear of deportation once they reach age 21. They’re essentially granted permanent residency here. Unvetted Afghan refugees that we scooped up when the country fell under the Taliban again are placed on a pathway to citizenship.
Why are we making DEALS with the RATS on an issue that is covered by LAW !!!

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The Senate Border Deal Is a Horror Show (
The Senate’s border deal has been released, and it’s a horror show. It’s a $118 billion package tied to more aid for Ukraine that does next to nothing to solve the current crisis at the southern border. Don’t let the billions more in border security fool you. More funding for border agents is Biden-speak for more personnel to process the asylum claims, not to deport people who shouldn’t be here.
With the new border measures, the price tag of the new bill is expected to be $118.3 billion — about $13 billion more than Mr. Biden initially asked for. The measure includes $60.1 billion to help Ukraine in its war with Russia, $14.1 billion in security assistance for Israel, $10 billion in humanitarian aid for civilians in conflict zones including Gaza, the West Bank and Ukraine, and $20.2 billion for improvements to border security.
The bill also includes a version of the Afghan Adjustment Act, which creates a pathway to citizenship for Afghans who fled to the United States after the Taliban takeover.

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The Senate took three months to craft another atrocious immigration bill, one that doesn’t complete the border wall, empower Border Patrol and ICE to target and deport criminal aliens and curb the flow of illegal immigrants flooding the border.

Dozens of Illegal Migrants Land on the Swanky Beaches of San Diego

Illegal migrants are everywhere. They are taking over every inch of the United States, including our health care, our resources, our streets, and now our beaches.

Video footage captured dozens of illegal aliens landing on a beach in San Diego before running off into the wealthy neighborhood of La Jolla.

It is evident that Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer want us to believe that we need border legislation to secure the border. Unfortunately, they have co-opted Republicans, like Oklahoma Senator James Lankford, as tools – Lenin called them “useful idiots” – to advance this absurdity. Truth be told, we all know we don’t need no stinkin’ border legislation.
None of this happened because of a change in legislation. It all happened because one man decided he would not abide by his oath to uphold the laws of the Constitution.

Musk says Biden opened border floodgates so Democrats can stay in power

Musk said Biden wants to get as many illegals immigrants into the country and legalize them so Democrats can create a permanent one-party state


We Better Not See a Single Republican Vote for This Border Security Monstrosity

Maybe Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is playing 5D chess and everyone else is simply picking their noses. And maybe picking Oklahoma Senator James Lankford to negotiate on behalf of Republicans was a stroke of genius – he was just reelected in 2022, so any anger he inspires will likely dissipate before he faces voters again. And just maybe McConnell knew that any deal would be unacceptable to Republicans because Democrats want open borders, so he set up this scenario so he could claim to have tried, then will separate out the foreign aid part, which is all he really cares about. Maybe. But I don’t care. A message needs to be sent here that we, the people, do not want a “deal” on the border, we want a border. A border that is vigorously enforced, and we want a government that deports everyone here illegally. And we want it done quickly.
It also creates a new “right” for illegals to get lawyers, and uses our tax money (actually our great grandkids’ credit cards, because our tax money is already spent) to pay for it. We pay for their lawyers, those liberal lawyers donate to Democrats, Democrats keep funding lawyers for illegals…lather, rinse, repeat – the circle of life in DC.

To hell with all of these people. It needs to be made clear that selling us out will not be tolerated. A bill without any deportation is unacceptable, in fact, only a bill with only deportation and massive fines for anyone who hires them before they’re found is all we’ll accept. The only funding should be for 100,000 (temporary, but for as long as it takes) deputy ICE agents to identify illegals to ICE itself and for flights out of the country. Where they want to go does not matter, just out of here. Let where they land deal with the rest.

We Don’t Want a Border Deal, We Want Deportations

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