Republican shuts down Florida man’s testimony when he suggests LGBT should have P for ‘pedophilia’

A REPUBLICAN defends the cult of LGBT against the Pedophile label. They are no different than progressives.

Yet another example of a so-called “conservative” actually conserving nothing.


Boomer Republicans are now promoting trannies harder than the Democrats so they can push tax cuts for foreign multinational corporations.

Such patriots.


Dems are the REAL pedophobes!

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Well - at lease he conserved the ability to virtue signal and shut down speech he didn’t like because it was bothersome. He also conserved the jobs of the security official who removed the private citizen for saying things that made people uncomfortable.


It really bothers me when politicians shut down citizens like this simply because they don’t agree with what is being said. No threats to anyone were made and the speech was completely lawful and protected by the First Amendment. This politician should be ashamed of his actions.

In general, generalizations are inaccurate attempts to inply that a bell curve does not exist for a group of people identified by the generalization.

Not all boomers, millennials, Republicans, Democrats, Northerners, Southerners, blacks, whites, Asians, males, females, or any other defined group will possess the same characteristics based simply upon membership in any specific group.

Just because one person who happens to be a (pick a group) thinks or acts in a certain way does not mean that all members of that group do the same.

People that do not understand this are all STUPID!


Sorry but the “not all” argument has created the mess that we find ourselves in today. When we say not all Muslims, not all transgenders, not all third world illegal aliens, etc… Then we are opening up our culture, our people, and our civilization to infiltration, subversion, and ruin. Yes…not all Muslims are terrorists but one Islamic extremist in our country is one too many.


I partially agree, but that does not negate what I said above. One terrorist being too many still does not make all Muslims terrorists.

…and saying that not all Muslims are terrorists should not be inferred as acceptance of any tenets of Islam.

Islam SUCKS! We don’t need any of its influence on our society.

We don’t need any pedophiles. One Democrat pedophile does not make all Democrats pedophiles. This should be obvious to the average junior high school graduate.

Besides, I think the subject Republican is misguided. Pedophiles exist outside of the LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ circle.

Not going to turn off my ad blocker to read the article.

What I am seeing from your OP is that a man was offensive so he was shut down?

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To criticize liberalism is considered hate speech…by liberals.

Liberalism is a mental disorder! :grin:

Let them call you a racist, Let them call you a Fascist
Let them call you a Nazi, Let them call you an Islamophobe.
Let them call you an anti-Semite. Let them call you whatever they want !!

If this is all it takes to reclaim our homelands and to secure a safe and peaceful future for our children, then do you REALLY give a FUCK what they call you.? Accept it, embrace it as those who use ‘labels’ grow weaker, and we grow STRONGER.

But this is not all, we are in time where we must decide who is more important, US AND OUR PEOPLE, or everyone else that does not care about us and who seek our destruction and the destruction of OUR CHILDREN’S FUTURE.

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Democrats: You are not free to dislike ■■■■ or blacks, gays, muslims etc…
Republicans: We love freedom, except for the freedom to oppose democrats on this.

So you’re one of those muh anti-raycissst and muh egalitarianism civ nat lemmings huh?



I’m neither racist nor anti-racist. I think racism is nothing more than a manifestation of an inferiority complex and stupidity. I don’t care one whit who is or is not a racist.

I am bigoted against certain things. Bigotry is not always bad.

Bigotry should be applied to racism, not to racists. Some of my better friends identify as racists. There are ZERO beings, dead or alive, that asked to be born into any race or into any ethnic group within any race. There are three (some say four…a few add a fifth) races.

There are worthless slugs in every ethnic group. The generalizations applied to ethic groups and races due to the actions of these people is not justified. A bell curve applies to every large sample of any metric studied.

Good, because he was WRONG…Lulzy.

Not because he merely disagreed, the guy was WRONG!!!