Republic Standard: Why do Leftists hate white history?

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Because it isn’t part of the plan, which is to:

  • Demonize to hell and back any kind of racial awareness in white kids

  • Constantly stress to white kids that white racism is the worst thing in the history of mankind

  • Send de-race-inated white kids to schools full of non-white kids

  • Encourage non-white kids to have racial solidarity

  • Allow non-white kids to form ethnic gangs

  • Attack any sentiment of masculinity in white kids

  • Allow masculinity in black and brown kids


Libs hate strength. Strong people don’t need libs.


Those that harp about hate and racism are the TRUE RACIST !!!
If say black power you are praised , do NOT say white power then you are one that hates people of ANY color , or so the belief go’s . :exploding_head: We have so many tv shows with the black this and the black that BUT never think you will see a show that celebrates whites . :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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