Republic Standard: Libertarians are still wrong about society

Fair points about left-of-center libertarianism. The far right gets a lot wrong about society and how the world ACTUALLY works too. I’ll use mainstream social media platforms as an example. Instead of embracing alternative platforms like this one, the far right is still stuck on Twitter and Facebook and seems to honestly believe that they won’t eventually be banned or doxxed. No different than the left, they are shackled to their audience of LARPers and fake followers that are nothing more than a group of nobodies and bots who must be entertained. This is why the far right can’t self organize and get anything done. They are too busy serving as a content mill for advertisers. Sad. Hopefully those on the far right wake up soon and get their shit together.


I don’t know that I would consider myself to be on the far right - maybe on some things - but you just hit a home run with this post. I stopped actively using Facebook and Twitter a few years ago when I first found one of @Patriot’s sites (politiforum). Previously, I was spending so much time having every post attacked by an army of leftists that I wasn’t actually getting my points across. I was getting into derailed arguments with people that came out of nowhere. I don’t know why conservatives of any stripe stay on those sites. It’s just stupid.