Republic Standard: How can white supremacy exist when whites are the global minority?


Ha! I’ve often wondered why whites (or, proper ethnic Europeans) aren’t called a minority globally, as such is the case. Having travelled throughout Asia, India, and much of the Middle East many times over the course of my life the sheer amount of people in these regions is absolutely staggering. Getting on a crowded subway car in Tokyo for the first time is something that sticks with you. Same for hailing a cab in New Delhi. Yet, it is these regions that are desperate to replicate our standard of living - for which we are villified and demonized by ethnic minorities in our own countries.


@IceGuy44 posts are the best posts. Well said, sir.

Follow the money. Assignment of White Supremacy to a minority of people may be heavily based on the evaluation of their wealth.

Though this report is from 2013 (Jeff Bezos has risen from 19th place to 1st place since then) and it does not reveal skin color (that I can discern), it does show where the biggest piles of money are held.

If white people were failures, no one would care if they thought they were superior.


…and it is illogical to categorically attach a superiority complex to financial successful people.

More likely, the self imposed inferiority complex of the unsuccessful (in obtaining great wealth) crowd generates the false premise that the successful consider themselves to be superior.

Plenty of white people are failures.

What now?


That about sums it up.

Bring back a culture of personal responsibility and consequences for actions.

The lady who cleans my house is from Brazil. She is a legal citizen and worked hard to obtain it. Her daughter is about to graduate from med school. Her son is a rising star in finance.

Her son and my son have been best friends since the fourth grade.

No one cares what she does or what I do. We each do what we do well.

What we do have in common is working hard, taking care and providing for our families. We have both taught personal responsibility and consequences for actions. We have both allowed our children to feel the pain of skinning their knees.

There to pick them up, and also there to watch them pick themselves up.

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How can it not exist?

The answer “yes” doesn’t even make sense with regard to the question.

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Well, darn. Thanks for that. When I read the title, I missed the “how”. I edited my response.

One must only look towards the dems it happens to be their entire platform !