REPORT: John Durham Dropping His Investigations into Spygate, "Worried About Blowback from Biden"

As it turns out, John Durham is a little bitch too. Everyone who has been following this has been told to “trust the plan” and then the lead investigator and prosecutor in the Spygate case drops everything, tucks tail, and runs away.

I knew this shit was gonna happen, There is never any accountability. These deep state scumbags just slow roll everything. Their entire plan was to wait Trump out.

If the election fraud comes out and Trump gets re-elected, as he should be. then Durham better be the first one out of the gate facing criminal charges.


Yet another scam. Wonder what @Dr_Manhattan is going to say about this. All that work he put in on the Spygate thread and this is how it turns out.

John Durham is putting his personal career over what’s best for the country. Absolutely disgusting.

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If you read the article you see that this is just hearsay.

If it’s true than both Barr and Durham are frauds. I don’t believe that, but if it’s true than it’s time to disbar all colluding leftist attorneys

This would make them part of the Coup.


Sometimes Gateway Pundits sneak (unintentional?) in terrible reporting. The photo of Durham at the Podium, make it look like he is announcing this. That is stupid and deceptive. Dumb.

The “reasoning” is plausible. I think he delayed issuing any info on what would be in his report prior to the election and is still holding back until an outcome is certified and an inauguration is scheduled.

It all fits within the parameters of the rules by which the Washington DC Circus operates. It’s all just a three dimensional chess game wherein weak, expendable pawns are used to protect the more powerful pieces…on opposing sides.

John Durham should be fired without retirement pay. Whatever evidence he’s got so far in his TAXPAYER FUNDED investigation should be revealed to the public. We PAID FOR IT!!!


I will just say this, because he won’t be able to do much right now anyway, when a major breakthrough on the biggest election fraud scandal in US history breaks that takes precedent over current “Spygate” investigations it will be the main focus until it is resolved. The Spygate investigations now becomes secondary when a major coup is taking place. I suspect that when Trump prevails and the dust settles we will revisit this issue, and Durham should produce what he has done so far, the Tax payers are entitled to that information.

IMO, once the SHTF, which is certain to do very soon when the entire election is now coming into serious question with Dominion software issue, AG Bar ad Durham will be gone but, first things first though!

So he gets fired, there maybe a job waiting in the Clinton Foundation.

There are two sets of rules regarding law enforcement and indictments for blatantly obvious criminal activity.

  • Rules applicable to private sector citizens who are not part of our government are enforced to the fullest extent either allowed by law or unconstitutionally used by unethical government officials to harass whomever they so choose.

  • Rules applicable to all persons, including professional politicians are enforced at the discression of the Justice Department depending on the political clout of the criminals.

Here’s Glen Beck’s take on this hypocrisy.

John Durham and Bill Barr are backing away from prosecuting anyone connected with the Biden family or the Obama administration.

Screw Barr and Durham both! They are a BIG PART of the problem and a waste of our money!

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The next best thing is bankrupting them and what will come out in discovery will be very interesting!

75 Million reasons! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


There was never anything there. This is what a prosecutor dies when he fails to build a case. DROP IT…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Hangin his hat on the wrong rack…

There won’t be any blowback from the asshole, Mr. Fuckin’ Biden! He will never be inaugurated!

He and his fucked up VP will never make it to the White House!

John Durham and Bill Barr are both chickenshit fucktards! Scabs on the ass of humanity!


Durham and Barr have concluded that there is no there there. What you logically do then is close the case. :wink:

Have you looked at Barr’s evidence?