Report: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez warns of 'list' for moderate Dems who vote with Republicans

Here we go. Division in the ranks. Making it so much easier for President Trump to win re-election in 2020!!

Love the infighting in a way because they will eventually destroy themselves…

After more than two dozen moderate Democrats broke from their party’s progressive wing and sided with Republicans on a legislative amendment Wednesday, New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reportedly sounded the alarm in a closed-door meeting Thursday and said those Democrats were “putting themselves on a list.”

The legislation that prompted the infighting was a bill that would expand federal background checks for gun purchases, The Washington Post reported . But a key provision requiring U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to be notified if illegal immigrants attempt to purchase guns saw 26 moderate Democrats side with Republicans.

According to the Post, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi scolded her wayward center-leaning colleagues, telling them: "We are either a team or we’re not, and we have to make that decision.”

But Ocasio-Cortez reportedly took it a step further. She said she would help progressive activists unseat those moderates in their districts in the 2020 elections, the report said. Her spokesman Corbin Trent told the paper that she made the “list” comment during the meeting.


So last week she said SHE’S the Boss! This week she’s making a list? I think this crazy broad has watched too many mafia movies in her life. I can’t wait to watch her crash and burn. She’s been in office for roughly two months.


She is going to disappear before the next election and her remains will be found in 20 years behind some wall in one of those abandoned row house in Baltimore.

I’m not surprised. She came out of the gate as a loudmouth race-baiting bully and her fellow Democrats backed her up, at first. Now as she tries to figure out how many “branches of Congress” there are, she also wants to make sure that any rational and practical Democrats who are left in the party get bullied into only taking far left extreme positions “or else” - always be careful of socialists and their lists.

Maybe the dummy doesn’t realize that no list is required. Their votes are a matter of public record.


I disagree. Some dem will give her a good job with money and her only real job will be to shut the hell up.

Put Occasional-Cortex on the list! She voted with Republicans. HJ Res 28, roll call vote #46. In fact she was the only Democrat/Socialist to go with the Republicans.


AOC is proving herself to be psychotic.

Her enemy list. :rofl:

Libs little princess is following the footsteps of their Queen Hillary.

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Come on Conan, cut them some slack. It’s not like they actually know how to govern. Identity politics is all they have.

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