Rep. Rashida Tlaib Officially Under Investigation for Campaign Finance Violations

Impeach the mother

The House Ethics Committee announced on Thursday that it is investigating Democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib (MI) 0ver internal messages that she allegedly sent in 2018 asking her congressional campaign for money for personal expenses, which is a potential crime.

The announcement came in response to a referral that the committee received from the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE), which alleged:

Rep. Tlaib’s campaign committee, Rashida Tlaib for Congress, reported campaign disbursements that may not be legitimate and verifiable campaign expenditures attributable to bona fide campaign or political purposes. If Rep. Tlaib converted campaign funds from Rashida Tlaib for Congress to personal use, or if Rep. Tlaib’s campaign committee expended funds that were not attributable to bona fide campaign or political purposes, then Rep. Tlaib may have violated House rules, standards of conduct, and federal law.

The OCE recommended that Tlaib be investigated “because there is substantial reason to believe that Rep. Tlaib converted campaign funds from Rashida Tlaib for Congress to personal use or Rep. Tlaib’s campaign committee expended funds that were not attributable to bona fide campaign or political purposes.”

“Texts and emails released by the Ethics Committee show Tlaib frantically contacting members of her staff for financial help,” Fox News’ Gregg Re reported. “The OCE also attached scans of checks made out to Tlaib from her campaign, totaling thousands of dollars.”

“I am struggling financially right now. … I am sinking,” Tlaib wrote on April 4, 2018, later adding, “So I was thinking the campaign could loan me money, but Ryan said that the committee could actually pay me. I was thinking a one time payment of 5k.”

In another email dated April 27, 2018, Tlaib wrote, “I am just not going to make it through the campaign without a stipend. With the loss of a second income to lean back on, I am requesting $2,000 per two weeks but not exceeding $12,000. The cost of living stipend is going towards much needed expenses due to campaigning that includes car maintenance, child care and other necessities.”

Fox News also highlighted a text message exchange that Tlaib had with her future chief of staff Ryan Anderson and her future senior aide Andy Goddeeris:

Tlaib: “Sorry for the early text but do you think the campaign can still pay me a stipend until the general. Trying to get out of debt.”

Anderson: “I think we definitely afford to do so. But we need to really clearly define your time and space if you’re also working at Sugar, the combo might draw the most concern.”

Goddeeris: “I think if you’re going to take a salary from the campaign, which I think you should, you should think hard about whether you need to be working part time at Sugar, because if you didn’t like the media’s reaction to you taking a salary while campaigning full time you probably won’t like the story that Rashida is paying herself from the campaign while getting paid by her job.

Tlaib is no stranger to controversy as she has repeatedly been in the national spotlight over her anti-Semitic beliefs and statements.

Late this summer, Israel banned Tlaib and Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar (MN) from entering the country, “stating that the two far-left members of Congress planned to harm Israel, increase incitement against it, and planned to meet with organizations that have expressed support for terrorism against it,” The Daily Wire reported.

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Why is it that liberals are always butt ass ugly? This woman wrecks the eyes just looking at her! Shes probably got bad breath too!

Too bad we are too Politically Correct to get to the heart of the matter.

She is an Islamist in our Government.

She and the entire Squad.

And they should not be given such a courtesy.

So, we are forced to find lesser crimes to try to oust her.

Advantage: Islam

It isn’t a lesser crime at all. This is exactly what she wanted Trump impeached for. Turns out her broke ass was actually guilty of what she was accusing someone else of doing. It’s a typical tactic of the left.


Great points!

It’s just that I can’t imagine she is the only one in Congress with dirty laundry like this.

Which makes me wonder why she would be the focus of attention?

Yes, you have made the practical reason for her being singled out, thankfully clear.

But, if she WASNT an Islamist, would anyone be talking about her?

If she was a Republican white male that shook Trump hand once, it would be all over the news. It was the fact that she has the D in her name, that this is not getting much coverage.

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In your opinion, what are the list of factors which guarantee no msm coverage of a news event?


If you are not:

  1. White
  2. Male
  3. Christian
  4. Conservative / Repulican

Then you get a free pass.