Rep. Mike Kelly and the House Democrats

As the House gets ready for a vacation until December 3rd, Representative Mike Kelly (R-Pa) was interrupted repeatedly by Democrats as he tried to deliver a speech on the floor of the House chastising the House for concentrating on impeachment rather the business of the people.

It was all the Speaker could do to bang the gavel and say “The House is not in order.”

The Democrats want to silence Mike Kelly because he is telling the TRUTH.

For over a year now, I have thought the Democrats in the House, by swinging their big stick of majority and control of all House committees are digging their own grave to be used to bury them in the Nov 2020 election. They are literally ignoring all but the impeachment effort.

I think maybe even some dyed-in-the-wool Democrat voters are disappointed in what the Washington Swamp Democrats are doing.

Barring a catastrophic financial event and collapse of our booming economy between now and Nov 2020, it will be landslide time for Trump’s re-election.

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We are on yet another continuing resolution because Congress can’t do their dam jobs. It’s a disgrace. We send them to Washington to pass a budget, not conduct expensive dog and pony shows because they lost an election.

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I was hoping that Trump was going to refuse to sign it because of this impeachment crap, but in retrospect I’m glad he did. I think he wants the impeachment to move forward because it’s a total snoozefest that’s going nowhere.

Trump is suppose to be sending balanced budgets to congress. He bragged as candidate that he’d pay off the national debt and run balanced budgets because it was so easy…:roll_eyes:

No Turkey for you! :rofl:

Yep! That’s the Democrat Party for ya! I remember in Nancy Pelosi’s first term as Speaker, she turned out the lights when the Republicans wanted to continue.

Both sides have done this before, but only after the House was gaveled closed. This time it was simply when a Republican’s time had expired.

It is interesting that the House of Representatives is the only law making entity that is almost a complete democracy…using majority rule exclusively on the floor and in committees. The only way for the minority to fight back is to disrupt the proceedings…like children…and Fascists.

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