Rep. Green says impeachment began when Trump "was running for office"

This should be reason enough to cut the Senate trial short. Al Green says the drive to impeach Trump began before he was elected President.

It’s a good thing his stupidity doesn’t get in the way of telling the truth. We know they have been planning this since before the first vote was cast. It’s why the American people hate Congress - both sides of the aisle.


Stupid is as stupid does. Green is a complete idiot. The Democrat Party deserves him.

I’d say that about half of American voters hate the Democrats. The other half hates the Republicans. A few may hate both sides.

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Democrats were so convinced Hillary was going to win in a blowout they ignored security breaches of DNC servers and other so-called meddling in favor of planning celebrations of the first female President. Hillary had an impregnable firewall of blue states so secure she needn’t bother to vigorously campaign to defend.
Don’t count on anything like this indifference from Democrats and their media toadies in the 2020 campaign. :slightly_smiling_face:

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This blows a massive hole in the argument the Dems are making about the Republicans in the Senate being biased.

There was Democrat gnashing of teeth from the moment Trump won the election.

I love that story. It never gets old.

I don’t think the impeachment “trial” will ever take place. That’s why Pelosi didn’t send the articles directly to the Senate as soon as their clown show was completed.

Pelosi plans to milk the impeachment for all the publicity she can attract. She will coordinate with the nominee for maximum campaign impact.

Mitch McConnell could force Pelosi’s hand by putting up a measure to invalidate the House bill. Given his passive nature it’s doubtful he’d take aggressive action

I am so over this crap. This is all a show to protect The illegal activities of the Biden family. The only reason that old pervert is even running for president is to avoid prosecution. Pelosi’s son is involved in this too and that’s why she’s the one who spearheaded this whole thing. These people are corrupt to the core and they should be held accountable. they sit there and blame Trump for everything that’s wrong with the United States but people like Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer have been in office for over 30 years. They are the architects of the destruction of America.

It’s the worn out liberal tenet: Accuse others of what you are doing.

The only reason Biden thinks this is A-Okay is it status quo among politicians. I honestly think he is been immersed in politics for so long he really doesn’t get it.

I’d love for an honest reporter to document every relative of a politician tied to kickbacks or appointments that have a payout in some form or another.

Biden doesn’t think corruption is the status quo. He believes he is entitled to help himself to the money by virtue of his public service. He has made other people a ton of money selling his office on the cheap, MBNA, AMTRAK and so forth. So, he is owed the 6 figure speaking fees and multimillion dollar consulting fees for Hunter.