Remembering Who The FBI is

What do you think Wray has been doing? Apparently you are either aloof to the corrupt machinations that has been going on for years at the bureau or you are simply trying to apply an idealistic solution from layman’s point of view that is equivalent to throwing a hail Mary. Its too late for any reformations for the FBI in the future, they already lost the trust of the public and once that is done there is no going back! They are simply an organization along with the DOJ that has become highly politicized and the only way to fix these institutions is to strip them down to the frame altogether and start over, and that includes firing all of the career bureaucrats hired by the previous administration of Obama and Holder. I take it you never worked for the Federal Government and have no idea how this works?

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This is simply unacceptable. Going after former presidents and now this?

Its probably going to get ugly before it gets better

The Peter Strzok termination letter was just published. It was epic!

Typical FBI who always think they are above the law

By now it is common knowledge that the FBI is corrupt as hell, however this breaking story pretty much exposes just how corrupt and beyond redeemable. This story is quite remarkable in the truest sense of the word.

Three high-profile trials are shining much-needed light on how the bureau uses highly paid informants as political hit men.