Remember The Fallen

A moment to pause to reflect the day fascism was defeated!

Charlie Daniels Op-Ed


The Anglo-American alliance beat the wrong enemy.
Think again.
What did general Patton say?
Who killed Patton anyway?

No one cares! This thread is about honouring the men and women who lost their lives in battle! Do not be disrespectful and post your crap here!



OK, you want to repeat the same.
Very respectful.

What are you? Magog’s clone?

I’m glad a few people still remember the purpose of memorial day.

Honor those that never returned, remember and support their families.





RIP , my dear fellow freedom fighters !!


Our son, our brother, a boy, a man.
Kept his promise with faith.
Met his challenge with courage.
His unrealized dreams connected with God so soon.


  • 4th Aviation Company, 15th Aviation Group:

    • Captain James W. Hensley
    • CWO James H. Perry
    • SP5 Lawrence J. Angetini
    • SP4 Dennis A. Ferraro
  • Heavy Mortar Platoon, 2nd Battalion, 4th Infantry Regiment:

    • 1LT John E. Echterling Jr.
    • 1LT Henry L. Pittard Jr.
    • SSG Paten L. Smith
    • SGT Terry E. Bowerman
    • SGT George J. Gongaware
    • SGT Christopher W. Pyzik
    • SGT Harold D. Dillaman Jr.
    • SP5 Russell L. Schober
    • SP4 Fernando Apodaca
    • PFC Ronald F. Scholl
    • PFC Arthur R. Kearney
    • PFC Roger M. Hartman
    • PFC Ronald R. Pestka
    • PFC Eric L. Landry
    • PFC Samuel M. Cherry
    • PFC David P. Dunks
    • PFC David W. Slaver
    • PFC Michael L. Annis
    • PFC Raymond T. Gadbois
    • PFC Lawrence H. Karaschin
    • PFC David A. Person
    • PFC Paul E. Hickson
    • PFC Charles E. Fife
    • PFC Jeffrey M. Vickerman
    • PFC Eddie W. Nichols
    • PFC Richard Willis
    • PFC Vernon L. Ailstock Jr.
    • PFC Noel Velez
    • PFC Mark P. Connors
    • PFC Edward A. Monnin Jr.
    • PFC Raymond H. Cork
    • PFC John P. Egelund

I was very shocked to find that a lot of people did not know the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day. It’s sad to know that we have people in this country that never even knew.


You would think that the names of the days would give them a clue.

They are too busy enjoying BBQs and going shopping to give a flying F.


I have heard many veterans today say that this day should be a celebration in honor of the fallen. I liken that to a wake, where people are expected not to be somber, but to celebrate, with respect, the life of the deceased.

There was special on Fox today, with Pete Hegseth and four veterans, including Marcus Luttrell, his brother, Morgan, Chad Fleming and Adam Kinzinger.

They don’t get into the celebration issue in this segment (it comes about 40 minutes into the full version), but they do recommend celebrating…and stopping now and then to give thanks to the dead soldiers that made it possible to do so.

I don’t know that this link to the full version will work unless you’re a member of FoxNation, but…


Sadly it seems that for most people they have just become a reason to get a paid day off or overtime if you do work them, and an excuse to be lazy, drunk, high, and stupid for a day.

Not my experience…ever. I think you’re expressing an unfounded opinion.

I’ve been to Andersonville for the past few Memorial Days, seen thousands of visitors and thousands of American Flags being displayed…on each trip.

I’ve seen hundreds of Memorial Day celebrations with thousands of people participating.

Not everyone thinks the way you seem to.

Who said anything about everyone?

“Most People” is not “everyone”.

“Most people” is an opinion. You have no idea how many people agree with you here. It’s more than likely NOT 50% of the nation…especially if you count only those that know what Memorial Day means.

Besides that, you didn’t even say “most people”. You said that the days have just become a reason…

Go be an ass elsewhere. You’re certainly not winning anything here.